A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

You might assume that a person who chooses to build a business online would take full advantage of any means possible to earn money from it.

Many online marketers miss out on money-making opportunities because they are too busy with small things like choosing a niche, making content, and launching products.

To put it simply, many Internet marketers fail because they either overlook the importance of monetization or are simply unaware of the many ways in which it can be implemented. They are only concerned with earning money during product launches and temporary affiliate promotions, and some aren’t even doing that yet, instead just slapping together blog content and wondering why it hasn’t worked for them.

Unfortunately, many chances are missed that might result in a steady stream of passive income. The difference between a new marketer and a seasoned one is how well they can make both passive and active gains.

Day 1: Identify weak points in your online revenue stream.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

There are a few days at the beginning of the process of monetizing your marketing efforts when you need to assess what you are doing and make some adjustments to make sure you are generating a profit.

The first step of your 30-day plan is to take an honest look at the financial foundations you’ve already laid for your company. Determine how often and how you are setting up some sort of monetization by reviewing your blog, email autoresponder system, products, lead magnets, and all of your social media accounts.

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to find out that few of your blog posts contain any kind of link that would help you earn money. You can be very active and interesting on social media without seeing any return on your time invested.

For the time being, it is sufficient to reflect on past efforts and the results obtained. After the 30 days are up, you can look at your income again and see if the changes helped.

Organize all of your product links for Day 2.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

On Day 2 of your 30-day journey, compile a list of all the online sales links for the products you’ve made and sold. If you’re selling anything online, whether it’s a content pack, course, membership, printable, or physical product, you want to make sure that your customers can easily find the links to those items whenever they need them.

If you want to use a link in your online communications or content quickly, you should have it organized in a logical way (with a short description to act as a reminder of what it is).

You could miss out on a lucrative business opportunity if you make it tough to find. Because of time constraints or exhaustion, you might prefer to give away your product or simply mention it without actually sending the link that would allow you to make a profit.

Third-Day: Apply for Affiliate Programs and Set Up Links

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Spend a day researching and applying to affiliate programs for products you think your target audience will like. This will set you up to make the most money possible.

You should arrange these affiliate links sensibly, just as you would your product links. Courses that teach people new skills could go in one section, while tools that they might want to buy could go in another.

These will lead to affiliate products that you can promote over time as a revenue stream. You won’t put affiliate links here for a limited-time event that someone is running.

Plan out your discount codes for the products on Day 4 of your marketing campaign.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Set up an evergreen coupon code for each product so that you can give it to a specific affiliate or customer directly whenever you see fit, even if you don’t use them often.

These codes can be kept in their document, or they can be kept alongside the links to each product in your catalog. One possible strategy is to create multiple discount codes, one for a small discount and another for a larger one.

It’s convenient to always have these discount codes on hand rather than having to stop what you’re doing each time you need to use one.

If you stay in touch with your target audience and find out that some of them are having trouble paying for your product, you can quickly find the discount code and give it to them so you don’t lose a sale.

Day 5: Negotiate exclusive discounts with vendors for you and your mailing list.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

You should spend a day negotiating permanent discounts with some of the suppliers whose products you will be recommending frequently so that you can pass those savings on to customers and affiliates.

Make it clear that you want the activation to last forever, rather than for a set period. While this may be useful for long-running programs, it won’t be as effective for limited-time offers.

In some cases, you may discover suppliers willing to create a dedicated sales page and list on a third-party platform catering exclusively to your clientele. Many of these will begin, with “For Friends of (your name)…” or a similar phrase.

Sixth Day: Do Mini-Reviews of Products in Your Posts

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

The next step is to start updating all of your old, new, and future content with whatever strategy for making money you’ve decided will bring in the most money.

Review the most popular articles from your blog and see what you can learn from them. If they aren’t generating revenue for you just yet, examine each one to find out where you’ve gone wrong in trying to monetize it.

Finding places in your blog posts where you have mentioned a product or strategy is one of the best ways to monetize your writing. In passing, you might have mentioned that you did some keyword research.

If you’re writing a blog post, you should be sure to include a call-out or a separate section in which you explain the keyword tool you’re using and why. Include an affiliate link and any discount codes you have for your readers when you link to it.

Have a step on your publishing checklist that requires you to identify somewhere in the content that you can find a product to create a mini-review of within the post, and do so going forward as well.

To cite another instance, consider writing a blog post detailing your journey to a thinner frame after the big 4-0. You may have always used a personal story to connect with your audience, but now you may be looking for ways to subtly recommend a certain product.

If others on the same path are also having trouble, you may want to include a brief introduction to a course or tool that can assist them. Although you shouldn’t turn your entire blog post into an advertisement, keep in mind that your readers have come to your site seeking answers; as such, you should go beyond your narrative to point them in the right direction, even if that means directing them to a product they need to purchase.

Publish a tip article every day and start making money on Day 7!

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Sharing advice on your blog, such as “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days,” is a great way to help your readers out and provide them with some useful information at no cost to you. The goal is to create content that is satisfying enough that the reader can leave your site without feeling cheated.

By monetizing your content by including a link to a product you’re an affiliate for or one of your own, you’re making it easier for your readers to achieve their goals than if they simply followed your advice.

If you’re interested in following a specific diet plan, like the ketogenic diet, you may have seen articles in magazines or on websites that offer advice on how to do so. These are brief statements that are meant to pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to read on.

Locate the substantial programs that will lead them by the hand and explain everything they need to know about the path they should take. One piece of advice you might find on a simple tips blog is something like, “Brace yourself for experiencing the keto flu.”

A definition of the keto flu could add a bit of context. Preventing these symptoms and learning more about how to get over them quickly would be much easier with a comprehensive course on the ketogenic diet.

Day 8: Think about a two-pronged strategy for using case studies strategically to get the most out of them.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Creating and selling case studies is another option for making money online. You can put these to use in two distinct ways. First, if you’re an affiliate for a product (like a course) that you’d like to complete, you might consider giving those who buy the product through your link access to an in-depth case study as a free bonus.

Not only do you make money when people click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, but many of them do so specifically so they can read the case study in which you discuss your experience with putting the product into practice and the results you saw from using it.

To get the most out of case studies, there is another option: publishing them publicly on your blog as open case studies. Evergreen goods would benefit greatly from these. During public case studies, people need to be careful not to give away too much about the course to people who haven’t bought it yet.

Writing openly about your case study on a blog allows you to be fairly general. Your affiliate link should appear at the beginning, middle, and end of every blog post you write.

Describe what you did, how long it took, what you thought about what you learned, and the outcomes in your daily journal entry. Mention the section, module, or chapter you are working on that day.

Don’t give them a detailed rundown of what you did, as this will hurt your affiliate earnings and potentially violate the vendor’s intellectual property rights to information that they expect to be paid for.

Blog image inserts: 9th day of making money

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

The use of white space and images to break up large sections of text is something that many bloggers are familiar with. But there are far too many who use images that are relevant to a specific niche without making any effort to monetize them.

For example, you can download an SEO stock image from sites like DepositPhotos or iStock Photos and use it in a blog post about how important SEO is.

Even though you’ve reached your goal of giving your readers a visual break, you’re also missing out on a chance to make money from your site.

Use a cover or course image from the joint venture (JV) page of the product you’re promoting in the middle of your blog post instead of a generic stock image.

Make sure the image is linked to your affiliate link so that readers can easily purchase the item with one click. To prevent losing a customer, you should set the link so that it opens in a new tab.

They can click through to the product you’re recommending, make the purchase, and then return to your blog without losing their place.

The Tenth Day: Boost Ad Revenue in the Sidebar

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Making money off of your blog’s sidebar is possible with some themes. The sidebar, which can be placed on either the left or right side of your blog, is a great place to promote both your own and other people’s products through affiliate links.

Use text links or images that are square or vertical. Make sure the measurements are correct. Make sure that all of these links and images open in a new tab if you don’t want to lose your customer.

You can easily add advertisements from many different companies to your blog’s sidebar by copying and pasting pre-made code. Your referral URL will be pre-filled there. The links and advertising images in your sidebar should be centered.

take advantage of affiliate links in blog posts on Day 11

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Banners can be placed anywhere on your blog; the most common locations are in the sidebar, immediately below the header, and at the end of each post. Think about using banner ads to direct customers to products you know and trust.

It’s important to check that the products these banners promote will still be available in the future. You probably don’t want to revise hundreds of blog posts to fix out-of-date affiliate links.

Consider using a banner ad for a reputable company that has been around for a while, like HostGator, Aweber, etc. You shouldn’t put a banner ad under your header or in a blog post that directs readers to the third-party platform’s bestseller of the week.

Such products may initially see thousands of sales, but the vendor may drop support for them after a short period. You don’t want to lose sales because a popular blog post you wrote months ago now points to an obsolete product.

On the 12th day, make sure to monetize your lead magnet.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

When you first start Internet marketing, you might have lofty goals, such as rapidly amassing many highly responsive email subscribers. You put in lots of time and effort to learn about their problems and the kind of lead magnet that would make them willing to give up their email addresses.

Even though it’s free, you put in a lot of effort to make something special that your audience will appreciate. Nonetheless, you should know that you can earn money off of your lead magnet as well.

If you’re in the online marketing niche and you want to build a list of beginners so that you can teach them the ropes, your lead magnet could be a free guide on how to start a business using a blog.

Before anything else, take some time to sit down and compose a comprehensive report that will impress them and endear you to them. After finishing your lead magnet, revisit each page to see if there is a place for a money-making affiliate link.

If you want to help someone get their blog up and running quickly, you could provide them with resources like domain registration, web hosting, a collection of useful plugins and themes, a keyword research tool, and a PLR content provider.

Promote your business in the first email you send out (Day 13).

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

When a new subscriber joins your list in exchange for your freebie, you should send them a message of welcome and explain what it’s like to be on the receiving end of your emails.

You could tell them how often they can expect to hear from you, describe the content they anticipate receiving from you and encourage them to get in touch directly so their needs can be met.

Yet another option is to include a single monetization link in the welcome email. You should avoid sending a welcome message that comes across as spammy. However, a message like “Ready to Begin?” could be added. Read my free guide to blogging opportunities for stay-at-home moms, and if you’re ready to get started, enroll in my comprehensive new blogging course right here.

This is not an overbearing form of advertising; rather, it gives the prospective customer time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether or not to proceed. People appreciate being given options, and if they feel it’s too soon, they can always save this page and return to it later.

Day 14: Make sure your broadcast emails are profitable.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

When it comes to mass email distribution, everyone has their method. Some users prefer to upload a batch of follow-up emails for subscribers to read later, while others favor sending out broadcast emails to everyone.

Even if a reader doesn’t purchase on the day you send them a broadcast email, you should still aim to provide them with something of value.

Get the conversation started on a more personal note by sharing a story from your own life or asking them a question about theirs. After that, you can send them an email with both helpful advice and a plug for a product you made or are an affiliate for.

Broadcast emails like these are great for promoting temporary but regular launches because future subscribers won’t see them. So that you can advise your readers of the 72-hour to one-week launches, you should check the launch calendars on Muncheye, JVZoo, and Warrior Plus and join the affiliate list of the vendors that you like to promote.

On Day 15, double-check that every single follow-up email is optimized for revenue.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

If you’re using follow-up emails to communicate with your subscribers regularly, it’s important to make sure they’re all generating revenue.

You can send your subscribers a mix of straight review emails and value-packed tip emails in which the product is mentioned, but you should always aim for evergreen content so that your links remain active even after several months or years have passed.

To keep track of the promotions that will be sent out on each day of your follow-up email series, create a list or spreadsheet. If you find out that a product is no longer available, you can easily switch the link to another product that is.

The Sixteenth Day: Getting Paid For Your Videos

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Online video creators should employ in-video and in-description monetization strategies to get the most out of their work. You should make sure that it is both spoken and shown as a link since many marketers will embed your video into their blog and skip the description section, where the links may be.

With video editing software, it’s easy to add in-video callouts that don’t interrupt the speaker’s flow but do get the audience’s attention so they can take notes or click through to the resource you’re recommending.

YouTube, among other video-sharing sites, may allow you to earn money from the number of views your videos receive. If your videos start getting a lot of views, you can turn that into an additional revenue stream by charging for access to the video.

Day 17: Make money with every podcast you release

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

A lot of people haven’t tried their hand at podcasting yet, so there’s a lot of untapped potentials. All niche marketers should be making full use of this media format because of how simple it is to use and how little it costs.

a podcast hosting and distribution platform like Anchor. FM is available to you at no cost. Better yet, they provide an in-house advertising platform that can be used to monetize your shows.

You can also find sponsors on your own who will pay to be mentioned on your podcast. You can set the price of these mentions based on when and for how long they will air.

The cost of a commercial spot at the beginning or end of the show may be higher than that at the middle, or vice versa. If you have an offer on a specific page, you can direct listeners there verbally or provide a link to that page in the description area so they can easily access it and make a purchase.

Make money off your Facebook page on Day 18!

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Many business people use Facebook not just to keep in touch with loved ones and acquaintances in real life, but also to build relationships with competitors and potential clients.

Facebook Live videos are a great way to monetize your profile because your friends can watch and listen while you talk about whatever topic you choose, and you can direct them to offers or pages that you know will generate revenue for you.

A profile is a great place to announce a new venture, a monetized blog post, a new revenue-generating video, or anything else you want to promote. You can increase the number of people who see your profile and the amount of attention it receives by using it in this way.

On the nineteenth day, create a profitable Facebook group.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

If you’re in a niche marketing business, a Facebook group can be a useful strategic tool. On Facebook, profiles are for sharing both professional and personal information, while groups are often joined by people interested in learning more about a particular subject.

You can post affiliate links and links to your products directly in the feed of your Facebook group’s members, in addition to sharing links to your blog and videos. If you don’t want a group full of useless spam affiliate links, don’t add them.

As the group gets bigger and more active, you should keep focusing on giving value to the members to keep the ones you have and attract new ones.

Day 20: Make Facebook a Money-Making Information Resource

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

Create a Facebook page for your business to tell people about it, promote your products and services, let people know about upcoming events, find affiliates, and more.

You can use your Facebook page to run paid ads if you expect them to generate a healthy return on investment. You should always make sure that your page accurately reflects the value you offer to your ideal customers as a recognized authority in your field.

Getting Paid With Instagram: Day 21

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

A popular Instagram profile can be leveraged in numerous ways to generate a financial gain. You won’t find a more aesthetically pleasing social media profile than this one. You can, of course, make money as an affiliate marketer or vendor who promotes your products.

It’s also possible to monetize your Instagram account by accepting paid sponsorships in exchange for posting about a company’s product(s) in your feed. Making a video or posting an image online and mentioning a product or brand can even earn you money.

Many Instagram users work together with other influencers. To make a joint event or product launch as successful as possible, you can pool your resources and make money as a group.

Make More Money on Day 22 by Creating a TikTok Account

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

TikTok has helped numerous industry leaders become financially independent. You are welcome to promote your goods or those of your affiliate partners here. Include a link in your bio if you like.

The TikTok Creator Fund allows you to opt into getting paid for the views your videos receive. You can accept ads from sponsors and work with other TikTok users.

In addition to making it simple to accept tips, they also allow viewers to send you gifts during live broadcasts. Some of these ways to make money with your account require you to meet certain criteria, but if you consistently post high-quality content and grow your channel, you should start making money quickly.

Turn a Profit With Specialized Pinterest Boards (Day 23)

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

If you have a blog post in which you recommend other people’s products as an affiliate, Pinterest is a great place to promote both your products and the blog post. The pins you use to decorate your profile are the only thing that will set you apart from other users.

Using a free program like Canva, you can create stunning Pinterest graphics, then upload them with well-thought-out hashtags, making it easier for your target audience to discover and click through on your Pin links. Join relevant group boards to increase the exposure of your monetized links.

If your pins become popular, you may be offered sponsorship deals in which people and companies pay to have their products featured on your boards.

Put out a viral freebie to monetize it on Day 24.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

It’s easy for marketers to overlook the fact that they can constantly roll out freebies with the potential to go viral. Rather, they create a single gift and use it as a list-building lead magnet. You can write short, focused reports that others can rebrand without breaking your links.

That PDF can then be branded with their name and distributed to subscribers as a special bonus. You’re doing them a favor by assisting them in serving their readers, and they’re doing you a favor by preserving your links so that you can make money through affiliate programs or straight sales.

If you are a vendor with a large group of affiliates, you can make money for both of you by making your reports re-brandable and filling them with the affiliate links of your partners.

Make Money From Your Forum Signatures (Day 25)

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing


If you’re a niche marketer who goes to online discussion boards to help people in your target audience solve problems, you might want to use a signature file to make money from the time you spend there.

A signature file, or sig for short, is a small image or text that is displayed below each of your comments on a thread. To increase traffic to your site or an affiliate site, you can add a link to it in your signature on many forums.

If you often post on a forum that doesn’t allow signature files, you can still send people to your website by putting a link to it in your bio, as long as that’s allowed.

You’ll get more people to read your blog and consider buying your paid products if you’re active in the community and give them useful information.

The 26th Day: Using PLR Content to Make Money

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

To use on their blogs, emails, lead magnets, social media, and even as products to sell, many Internet marketers buy private label rights to the content.

Most users, happy to have so much content available, just copy and paste the text into their website or blog without thinking about it. To make a profit from the PLR you’ve acquired, it’s important to go through each piece and add relevant links (and additional text, if necessary).

The 27th Day: Make Money From Your Members’ Area

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

You don’t want to stifle profits if you’ve been fortunate enough to launch a membership product by failing to monetize the new member’s dashboard. Multiple strategies exist for generating income from a members-only portal.

Sponsored banner ads can be placed around the paid content. The front-end offer can be paired with upsells and cross-sells for related products or for products that the customer didn’t buy at first.

There’s no reason you can’t integrate affiliate links into your member’s area, one for each lesson or section. Also, you can increase your earnings by providing them with personalized mentoring.

On the 28th day, find new ways to profit from your coaching services.

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

In the coaching industry, there are numerous avenues for making money. If you want to provide the best service possible, you need to keep track of the areas in which your clients need assistance.

After each coaching call, you should send your client a summary of the call’s content along with a list of resources you believe will be helpful to them.

For instance, while counseling a client on how to achieve greater business success, they may bring up the fact that they feel tired and unmotivated because of their poor diet. During the follow-up call, you could suggest they focus on their diet and even give them a link to a resource to do so.

In addition to traditional methods of monetization, coaching can also benefit from some less conventional approaches. If a client can pay for private coaching, they may also be able to cover the cost of your more expensive masterminds and retreats. Also, it’s a good idea to point them in the direction of the rest of your online-learning offerings.

29th Day: Making Money After the Kindle Book Sale

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

You may be using Amazon Kindle for online self-publication if you are an expert in a specific field. You should know that you can’t include a link to a landing page that acts as a lead magnet and collects customers’ contact information.

You may, however, include the URL of your site in passing. Amazon is picky about the external links it will permit, so use caution.

If you’re directing people to your homepage, it’s important to include a personalized welcome message and clear next steps for visitors, like links to your in-depth content or suggestions.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Make Money From Your Responses to Customers (30th Day)

A Profitable 30-Day Strategy for Marketing

This final tactic is one that you might not have thought of, and it might not prove effective in every conversation. It’s important to remember that you can benefit from any direct communication, whether it’s a broad question or a more specific one.

Never do that instead of giving the customer something of value and aiding them in their needs. However, you can incorporate it into your current mode of conversation. In their signatures, some people put a call to action, a teaser, or a direct hyperlink to another product they have made.

To make money off of customer service responses, however, you should also give some thought to the specific problem the customer is having. A short, simple response from you might not cut it this time.

You can give them some basic advice and then point them toward the right courses and resources to help them deal with their specific problems and reach their full potential.

Suppose you want to make money as an online marketer. In that case, you should get into the habit of taking your time before publishing content or interacting with others, and instead asking yourself whether or not what you have to offer at that precise moment could lead to a sale or commission.

The one thing you need to watch out for is adding links just to increase your earnings, even if they don’t add anything of value to the other person’s journey.

If you want people to trust your brand as a way to help them find the resources and education they need, you should always try to give something of value when you try to make money off of content or communication.

If you want your blog readers, email subscribers, and social media followers to have the best experience possible, you’ll need to regularly review and revise your links.

You may have discovered a more useful product or tool since you posted that link, even if the original one is still functional. Maintaining order in your monetization efforts will make this a simple task that you can hand off to a virtual assistant with little trouble.

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