Blogging Outline

Blogging Outline

Whenever someone asks how to get started online, one of the best replies you can give them is to get them to build their blog. WordPress blogs are easy to navigate, rank well in search engines, and have ample profit opportunities.

Main eBook Title: Bank Big Bucks with a Successful Niche Blog

Chapter 1: Select a Good Niche Topic
– Something you have a genuine interest in – don’t just choose a topic because other gurus say it’s a good one.
– Something that has plenty of profit potential in it – both in terms of digital and tangible products.
– Something you won’t mind blogging about regularly – something you feel passionate about and you won’t get bored with.

Chapter 2: Pick the Right Blog Platform
– The reason you don’t want to choose a free blog platform (not in control of it)
– WordPress and why it’s a better option – on your domain.
– How to set up and install your blog on a domain with hosting.

Chapter 3: Customize Your Blog’s Appearance
– Pick a theme that fits your blog’s purpose (ie: photography will have more images than a journalism slant)
– Header and footer with background
– Hiring a freelance graphics person – Elance, Fiverr, etc.

Chapter 4: Finding Topics for Your Blog Content
– Keyword research tools (free and paid versions and how to use them)
– Niche forum spying (what is your audience asking or saying in forums)
– News site – news sites have sections such as health, technology, etc.
– Guest blogging options
– Curated content – what it is, how to properly do it.

Chapter 5: Adding Multimedia to Your Blog
– Text is the basis for your blog content
– Adding images for share-ability and to break up the long text – where to get images ( and
– Video blogging – lets people get a chance to know you better.

Chapter 6: Ways to Monetize Your Blog
– Most people think ads are the best way, but they may be dragging down your earning potential by delivering click outs instead (pennies on the dollar instead of large amounts of commissions and sales)
– Doing product reviews as blog posts (things you bought or got a review copy of)
– Proper ad space usage – banner ads for ClickBank or Amazon products in the sidebar and under the header – pay more

Chapter 7: Building a Blog Subscriber List
– Never rely on RSS feeds or for people to happen to come back to your blog – offer them a gift as an opt-in freebie
– Install your opt form in the sidebar AND under the blog posts to help build your list
– Notifying your readers whenever a new blog update has been posted.

Chapter 8: Socializing Your Blog
– Always make sure you reply to comments from real readers. Build a community there.
– Every time you post a new blog, Tweet the link, post it to G+, and put it on your Facebook Fan Page.
– Visit other blogs in the same niche in which you genuinely admire and participate. Your name will hyperlink back to your blog.

Chapter 9: Important Pages to Have on Your Blog
– About page – what it is, what to put on it – weed out your non-audience
– Contact page – The contact form 7 plugin helps people communicate with you without you doling out your email address
– Services – if you offer services, detail them here
– Products – if you’ve published products (memberships, courses, etc), list them with a short blurb here
– Recommendations – what items are you an affiliate for that you feel comfortable recommending to others?

Chapter 10: Expanding Your Brand Momentum with Multiple Blogs
– Once one blog is established, you may want to branch out
– Never take on more than you can manage to provide frequent, quality information for
– Choose related topics that help you maintain the same audience (like nutrition and exercise for example)

Bonus Report: How to Write Blog Posts That Convert

Chapter 1: Put a Unique Slant on It (instead of “how to be successful” you might do “7 ways to make sure you always fail.”)

Chapter 2: Be Highly Conversational and Personal (blog like you’re blogging to a friend – don’t use cold, sterile language; inject humor and real feelings and experiences into your blog content)

Chapter 3: Pull in Facts to Support Opinions (there’s nothing better than someone being able to back up their stance on an issue with solid facts – look for research data that supports you)

Chapter 4: Interview Other Experts (find people who are in the niche and interview them for your audience – it looks selfless like you’re good at networking and able to secure good information)

Chapter 5: Make Sincere Recommendations (only promote or recommend things you would use – never blog blindly to have content out there or to make a sale).

Opt-in or Viral Report: The Business of Blogging

Chapter 1: Most People Approach a Blog as a Diary (it’s not a random journal, it’s a business)

Chapter 2: Give Thought to Your Monetization (some people ask for help wondering why their blog’s not making them money, only to have it pointed out to them that have zero monetization on it!)

Chapter 3: Blogs Should Have a Problem-Solution Formula (your niche will have problems, and it’s your job to empathize with them, and then provide a recommendation or solid solution)

Chapter 4: Commitment Is Important (you can’t blog when you feel like it – your audience begins to expect content from you, and you need to cater to their needs)

Chapter 5: Keep Costs Low and Output High (don’t get sucked into every promotion for the latest automated tool for your blog – instead, buy only what helps you most – and concentrate on generating content to serve your audience)

7-Part Email Autoresponder Series: 7 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

Email #1: Your Blog Topics Aren’t Streamlined (don’t combine topics that don’t match – like baby proofing your home and curing gout. Just because it might be two topics you know, they have to relate to each other to fit well on a blog)

Email #2: You Haven’t Promoted It (it’s not a case of “if you build it, they will come” – you have to get out there and brand and promote your blog thoughtfully).

Email #3: You’re Not Controversial Enough (you don’t have to be a tabloid blogger, but you need to have an opinion and stance on topics – nobody likes a milquetoast blogger)

Email #4: You Abandon Your Readers (you blog for a couple of weeks, then get bored or interested in something else, leave the blog stale and come back 3 months later)

Email #5: You Can’t Get the Length Right (you’re too long-winded, trying to exhaust everything on a topic in a single blog post – or, you’re too brief, not giving more than a basic introduction with absolutely no substance)

Email #6: You Refuse to Build Relationships with Your Readers (you don’t reply to comments, you don’t care about the questions they ask or what they need – you simply blog whatever you feel like blogging)

Email #7: You’re Not Organized (blogs have the structure built in with pages, tags, and categories – use them to help your readers find what they want when they’re there)


#1 – Blogging Best Practices (never plagiarize content, be consistent with your blogging, and be interesting to read!)

#2 – Create a Blogging Checklist You Can Live By (frequency, monetization, multimedia included, variety of resources, etc)

#3 – How to Use a Blog Editorial Calendar (plugins for it, arranging your posts – series, etc; writing ahead of time and scheduling them to go live)

#4 – What Are Your Blogging Goals (branding, profit, building a following, etc. Map it out and work on tasks that help you achieve those goals)

#5 – What Are Blog Tours? (guest blogging efforts where authors have rotated around to a variety of blogs to create a guest blog post. Helps you get traffic).

Product Reviews:

#1 – Covert Messenger PRO – discreet pop-up in the lower left corner that resembles social networking messages. Hyperlinks so you can promote anything.

#2 – Aweber – to help build your blog list

#3 – Lead Octopus – helps you capture customer and visitor information and generate more long-term traffic

#4 – WP Full SEO – a Plugin that helps optimize your blog for performance in the search engines

#5 – Pretty Link Pro – cloaks your affiliate hyperlinks

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