First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Online marketers cannot function without a steady stream of relevant content. A lot of people who own online businesses need assistance writing content, whether it’s a blog post, an email autoresponder, content for social media, a product description, or something else entirely.

However, hiring a ghostwriter can quickly become too expensive. Few marketers have the resources to keep a constant supply of content to help them create lists, sell products, and bring in traffic.

Private label rights are a popular investment option (PLR). This is content that has been ghostwritten but is being sold to numerous buyers at once. Buying a PLR version of a 5-page lead magnet can save you a lot of money, as opposed to paying a lone freelancer $50 or more.

Many individuals will pick up your content, saving you a ton of money while also getting access to high-quality content, and the PLR seller will make more money than they would have from ghostwriting for just one person.

Some people who offer PLR also own stores where you can buy their products. To be sure, you need not resort to such measures. With this 30-day launch plan, you can host PLR content launches often and make thousands of dollars.

To begin, make a master list of all the best PLR ideas for Day 2.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The first order of business is to compile a comprehensive inventory of potential PLR niches from which to draw in the days, months, and years ahead. Launch content packs are what you make before a new product or service comes out.

While some vendors want to specialize in a specific field—say, self-improvement—others offer products and services across a wide variety of sub-niches. Check out successful PLR niches on third-party marketplaces like Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

You need to know if the niche is profitable and what kind of material (lead magnet reports, full funnels, product reviews, video PLR, etc.) is selling well in that niche.

The second day consists of investigating the best-selling PLR vendors.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

It’s a good idea to start following the lead of established PLR sellers so you can learn from their successes and failures. This is not done with the intent of stealing their concepts. That way, you can stay relevant even as new fads emerge and as interest in certain subjects surges.

Get updates on when they release new products, how often they release new products and the many formats of the content (audio, video, and text) that they sell. If you notice a need in the market that you believe you can fill, focusing on these specifics can help you stand out from the competition.

Day Three: Pick Written Material, Media, and Media Formats

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

As a PLR vendor, you need to establish the genre of content you intend to market. Some people just have a natural knack for the written word or the camera. Don’t write yourself off if you believe your content isn’t up to par; they are all talents that can be developed.

It can be perfected with the help of various services and tools. However, pause for a moment to consider how you may best put your unique set of skills to use. You might decide to buy the private label rights (PLR) of a competitor to find out how good you are.

A launch can be made up of just text, just audio or video, just pictures, or a mix of all of these things, like a series of blog posts with banner photos that are also turned into video slide shows or podcast episodes.

Fourth Day: Find a Way to Stand Out from Other PLR Sellers

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

You must avoid becoming a carbon copy of someone else. There is already one of those people on the market; there is no need for a second. You need to bring a new perspective to the table.

It could be the medium itself, the perspective taken, the tone adopted, or the bundles made available. Your perspective may be tailored to a specific group of people, say, women or people over the age of 50. As part of the deal, the text-only information may be given first, and the multimedia parts may be offered as extras during the sales process.

On the fifth day, give careful thought to the beginning of your project.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Invest some time today in coming up with a compelling first-selling proposition for your product. For your customers and affiliates to be as happy as possible, you should update your offer at least once.

So, imagine a starting point that isn’t entirely complete, allowing you to make a tempting upgrade offer. A large collection of blog posts, product evaluations, or lead magnets is a good front end that will appeal to marketers.

You should aim for 30–40 pages so that you may charge $17. Both customers and affiliates will be pleased with this price. They’re not interested in advertising for $3.50.

Saturday: Brainstorm an OTO Idea

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Following the development of your front end, you should consider from the viewpoint of your target audience what additional products or services might complement their recent purchase. Some businesses offer extra media options as a way to make more money so that customers can use the same content in different ways without adding anything new.

The updated video articles can be used on their YouTube channel, while the audio articles that were used on the blog’s front end can be used in their Anchor Podcast.

In addition to coming up with new content, such as new blog articles, you might also produce a package covering a subject that meshes nicely with the front-end focus. If your front-end blog package primarily focuses on weight loss, you may use an upgrade that focuses on kicking a sugar habit as an example of a one-time offer.

Day 7: Make a plan and begin content creation

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The time has come to start cranking out material effectively. Consider the size of your PLR pack and divide it by the number of days you have to write the content. Think about how long it takes you to produce one page of text or one minute of video.

A timetable could be made in terms of hours or pages. Maintain a neutral point of view when writing your article. Do not relate your anecdote; the purchasers will likely steal it and pass it off as their own.

Don’t ever go online and rewrite someone else’s work. Simply put, you just plagiarized yourself. Do your research and write everything from scratch, incorporating your ideas and observations.

Package Pricing Day 8 It’s Perfect

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Let’s delve even further into the pricing structure we touched on briefly before. The going rate for PLR is roughly $1 per page (a page being over 400 words). That is the going rate in the market at the moment.

Launches, though, are something you will be doing. Prices upon launch can be a little different. For a period of three to seven days, clients will receive special pricing that is lower than regular costs. In most cases, this entails charging fifty cents per page for the content.

How incredibly cheap does that sound? However, if your 35-page package sells for $17 and you make just 100 sales, you will have earned more than $48 per page. If you launch your product well, you should expect to sell between 250 and 1,000 units.

That’s $8,500, even if you only sold 500 packs. Even if the commission rate was only half, you would have made $4,250, or more than $121 per page. Don’t stress over the price cut, then.

Make sure there’s additional information in your $27 one-time deal upgrade, like 55 pages. 500 sales from your whole sales funnel are suddenly worth $22,000, or $11,000 if you split the commission 50/50.

The goal for today is: Schedule your big debut.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Choosing a date for your PLR launch is essential, but you should not be concerned if another marketer chooses the same day. It’s a fact of life. Try checking out a calendar service like to choose a day with low event attendance.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time to finish the content and send review copies to your best affiliates so they can make a bonus for you to launch. Be prepared for the unexpected by adding extra time to your schedule.

You should aim to begin your launch at 9 a.m. EST; however, some people like to begin earlier. Set a time limit if you like. Three to seven days is OK, with the average being about five.

Day 10: Get Product Images Made or Ordered

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Launching with only words isn’t enough; you’ll also need a picture of your goods to use as a placeholder in online stores and on your sales website. It’s great to hire someone on a site like Fiverr to do this for you, but you can save money and time by using a free program like Canva to make eye-catching eCovers instead.

Day Eleven: Share a Launch Insider Tip with Your List

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

After a few years in the Internet business world, many marketers decide to try their hand at PLR launches. Accordingly, it’s possible that you already have a subscriber list. Those who could be interested in your product launch should be informed so that they can set aside funds.

Plan your product listing and promotion for Day 12.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The launch listing(s) and offer(s) on Warrior Plus can be made regardless of whether or not you have completed the development of your product. To receive the affiliate page link for your JV (joint venture) page, you will need to accomplish this.

Until the final files are ready to be uploaded, a placeholder can be placed in the upload section. To create a sales funnel on Warrior Plus, you’ll first need to create a product listing for each product (including the front-end and one-time offer upgrades).

Wednesday: Choose to Hold a Contest or Not?

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The decision to enter a competition is entirely up to you. It’s not required, but having affiliates help spread the word about your launch can be a good idea in some cases. You can hold contests with cash prizes, and you can protect yourself by setting minimum payouts.

Example: The first-place award is $250 with a threshold of 100 front-end purchases. Never take on more than you can afford. Always set aside a portion of your earnings for dividends.

Sales-based or earnings-based competitions, as well as those focused on just the beginning or the end of the customer journey, are all possible. You can find out what the market likes by looking at how similar contests are usually set up by other vendors. Then, you can create a contest that fits your needs best.

Publish launch information on your JV Page by Day 14.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The next step is to create a hub where affiliates may go to learn everything they need to know about the launch of your product. Some examples are information on the product, its release date and time, sample emails, and any relevant contest details. You’ll be providing this page, which is called a JV page, to your affiliates.

Make publication announcements on Day 15.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

When the JV page is complete, begin making announcements on marketing sites like Muncheye, where entrepreneurs post details of their forthcoming launches and invite interested affiliates to sign up to promote them.

In certain PLR-specific Facebook groups, sellers announce their product launches publicly, giving their rivals a chance to piggyback on their success. If you have an affiliate list, sending them a link to the JV page will give them a head start in planning their promotion.

To reach out to your top affiliates with a personalized message, on day 16 you should:

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

If you’re not already well-known, not everyone will actively seek out your listing or pay close attention to it. There are going to be star affiliates that you need to personally court to join your team.

Include a link to the JV page and a free review copy so they can see how good the product is before deciding whether or not to promote it to their list. Send them a personalized note or email about the launch.

Use social media to raise affiliate visibility (Day 17)

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The PLR market is extremely active in the social networking arena. Your goal should be to make friends with the top PLR creators so you can join their private PLR groups, talk to them privately, and find out about their upcoming launch plans.

To kick off Day 18, create a sales letter for your flagship product.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Writing effective sales copy can be nerve-wracking, but remember that your readers need your material more than you know. Many individuals require your services because this is a tiresome, time-consuming activity for them, and others aren’t excellent at it.

It’s not hard to convince people of this. All you need to do in your content is explain what you’ve made, why it’s a wonderful angle or package for these marketers, and give specifics about what they’ll get.

If they’ve obtained bids from other freelance ghostwriters, they’ll find yours to be very competitive. You can put your stamp on the text by adding some background information about yourself (but make it more about serving their needs rather than your desire to earn money).

Creating the Upgrade Offer Text on Day 19

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Copywriting for your upgrading offer is also required. Normally, we’d expect something more conventional, but this is unusual. They’ve shown some kind of commitment to you and your offer; now all you have to do is offer them more of what they want at a lower price and with more ease.

Create a Product Rights Status Report by Day 20.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Using PLR content means you’re allowing another person to claim it as their own. In addition, you might establish rights that you want purchasers to honor.

The rules imposed by different PLR sellers can be found by searching the Web. In certain cases, the creators won’t permit the information to be excerpted or posted elsewhere online. Some people won’t let it be sold or given away for nothing (as a lead magnet).

Simple solutions often yield the best results, but you should do what works best for you. It’s frustrating for customers when they have to memorize a bunch of rules. Keeping your name off of it and preventing them from reselling it under their name (private label) will make things simple for them.

Even though resell rights are a type of PLR, they are not the same as regular PLR because the buyer can sell the private label rights and permit other people to use the content as their own.

On the twenty-first day, you should have your PLR polished to meet client requirements.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

PLR should be perfect in every way. Proofread any written material to ensure it is error-free. It ought to be factually sound and avoid spreading falsehoods.

If you’re making a video or some other type of media file, check to see that it plays without a hitch and that the audio is undistorted and easy to understand. If you need help with editing, consider using a professional service.

Day 22: Compile a List of Possible Applications to Share with Potential Customers

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

It’s a good idea to provide your customers with a list of potential uses for the PLR they’ve purchased, either on the product page or in a separate file provided with the PLR. There are lots of impulse buyers out there who just know when they discover a fantastic offer in their particular market area.

However, after the file is opened, the recipient is at a loss as to what to do with it. Specify if they may distribute the content via email, social media, or their website. Tell them that the text can be used as a script for an audio or video recording, and show them how to put together a report that they can use as a lead magnet or information product.

On the 23rd day, we will complete the files and upload them.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

PLR clients typically want many variations of the same piece of writing. Don’t just send them a Word document; provide them the plain text equivalent as well. If you make an eCover in PNG format, you should also include the JPG and PSD files, if you have them.

After ensuring that everything is polished and correct, you should zip up the file and either upload it to the platform where you plan to sell it or to your server if you intend to use a download website.

24th Day: Present Someone With Your Skills

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

There’s a good chance that, as a new PLR vendor, you’ll want to expand into selling additional bundles covering various themes or media types. Making a special offer to subscribers is a great way to keep customers interested in what you’re doing and ready for any new releases.

If your initial release was focused on self-improvement, consider expanding to other areas, such as gardening, making money online, or survival. Or, if you sent a text the first time but want to impress with visuals the next time, you may put together a gift that showcases your photo or video editing skills.

On the twenty-fifth day, you will establish an email autoresponder list and link it to your email client.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

The provision of this giveaway necessitates the creation of an autoresponder email account. Two separate lists are permitted here. The first will be for consumers, while the second will be for partners. Both of these can be linked using a platform like Warrior Plus.

Use a service like AWeber or GetResponse. Send a kind greeting by email, and don’t forget to throw in a little something special. Providing your affiliates with a report on how to use PLR as a promotional tool is just one idea.

On the 26th day, announce the launch date to the public.

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Promoting your launch on social media, contacting your subscriber list, and corresponding with affiliates should all take place on the day of the launch. To ensure that anyone who may have forgotten may swiftly join the launch, you may wish to issue an upbeat reminder.

Competition Update for Contestants, Day 27

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

You shouldn’t keep quiet throughout the release if you’re holding a contest. You’re trying to get everyone pumped up. Share your progress on the scoreboard on social media, tagging those who are currently in the lead, and your followers will be able to join the race.

Affiliates can also be notified through email about who made the top earnings bracket. Others think it’s dishonest to reveal the number of sales that separate top performers, saying that dishonest marketers will just use those people’s links to get ahead.

Step 28: Become an Affiliate for Related Products

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Once you’ve built up a customer database, you can promote products from competing companies in addition to your own. Do your utmost to only promote the best. It’s not worth risking your audience’s trust by pushing low-quality material only to make a few extra bucks.

Day 29: Maximize Your Initial Efforts’ Payoff

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

After your initial release is live, you’ll want to capitalize on your efforts and continue making money. There’s no need for sales to decline when a campaign ends. Start a permanent PLR shop where people may buy the content for $1/page if they like.

The next time you put out a project, you could use the content you already have and bundle it with an offer to upgrade, like five packs from your store at a 50% discount.

Momentum must be maintained as we enter Day 30 Sharing Your Upcoming Launch Information

First 30-Day Period of Exclusive Distribution

Maintain forward motion with your PLR releases. There is typically more energy expended at the initial launch as you learn the ropes and make your debut within the PLR community. However, following launches will be less difficult, so make plans for the next one as soon as possible and go to work.

Put it on the Muncheye calendar, contact relevant niche marketers, and launch the product development process immediately. Several retailers keep an annual launch calendar so that affiliates can plan for bonuses and sales. 

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