Forget You’ve Ever Heard of “Shiny New Object Syndrome”

Forget You’ve Ever Heard of “Shiny New Object Syndrome”

As a marketer who is struggling to discover success, you may hunt for reasons why you haven’t found your footing.
It’s human nature not to want to accept responsibility for your mistakes.

One way we accomplish this is by pretending that it is not our fault!
We’ve succumbed to the terrible Shiny New Object Syndrome.
We’ve been buying and buying but never executing.

Because admitting that you followed through, implemented, and yet failed is a little humiliating (even though all successful entrepreneurs have done just that).
Shiny New Object Syndrome is genuine, but it’s a crutch you use to justify your lack of achievement.

Shiny New Object Syndrome is a condition that causes you to be drawn to glittering and shiny objects – similar to spotting a light in your peripheral vision and turning toward it.

When you realize it’s only a reflection or a bright coin – neither of which is particularly valuable – you’ll return to your original goal.
It’s a phrase that has allowed marketers to avoid following through on their implementation strategies.

If you hadn’t heard that phrase, chances are you wouldn’t be partaking in it!
It’s very common among Internet marketers to seek out shiny new goods because there’s a sense of desperation in this area.

That means they’re always seeking a quick and easy way to earn more money, get their brand out there faster, and enter success through the back door rather than employing tried and true methods from start to end.

The commitment to your existing plan of action is dropped (at least for the time being), and you’re off to the land of hype and empty promises, where you’re practically guaranteed to crash and burn, leaving all of your goals and good intentions behind.

If you’ve used this catchphrase as an excuse for failing in the past – or are doing it now – remember that the product (shiny new object) will be around for a long time (unless it’s a scam or fad), and it’s best to stick to your present commitment rather than deviate and lose momentum now.

If you have “SOS,” you are not alone.
You can overcome it if you take steps to avoid distractions.
There are a few easy, yet crucial precautions you may take to avoid the frightening SOS condition.

Make a choice.
What are you going to concentrate on?
You can’t move on to the following phase until you’ve decided the direction your firm will take.
After you’ve done the research necessary to develop the idea into something real, you may write and implement a decent business plan.

You’re squandering time if you continue to buy new goods because you never sit down and consider things through.
Would you let an employee in your company fly by the seat of their trousers, or would you prefer they have some idea of how things would turn out?

Make a firm commitment.
Unless you are completely committed to your decision, you should quit right now.
Without your commitment, the SOS will take over your best-laid plans and destroy any opportunity you have of being a truly online company success.

Begin implementing your plan.
You can’t complete anything until you take the first step toward success.
Believe in yourself that you’ve come up with a brilliant plan or idea, and start outlining it, defining goals, making a budget, and all the other hundreds of things that must be done to make it a success.

Don’t give up.
Don’t become engrossed in the SOS or anything else that serves as a distraction.
Continue until you achieve one goal after another.
You may need to return to Step 1 a few times before you can continue without being tempted to pause and rethink or move on to something else.
When you cross the finish line of accomplishment, you’ll find you’ve also stopped crying, “I suffer from Shiny New Object Syndrome!”

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