Here are 6 online markets where startups can make money

Here are 6 online markets where startups can make money.

Young people today have the Internet as a resource for exploring new areas of interest. Kids today may expand their knowledge without leaving the house, thanks to the multimedia results that come up for any search.


Your kid can get a jump start on their own business by capitalizing on these subsets of the market. This book covers a wide range of topics, and each one has its own group of young entrepreneurs and people with a lot of influence.


If they’re young, their parents should be there to help guide them along the way. However, many teenagers know more about Internet marketing than their parents do.


There is a place for your kid’s hobbies, whether they are seven or seventeen. What’s even better is that they don’t have to be experts to launch a successful business in this area. They can make money from the material they create while helping others learn new information about their niche.


If you wish to start this profession at any age and maintain complete anonymity, this is the perfect option for you. Your kid doesn’t have to give their real name or appear on camera if you don’t want them to. They can operate incognito while amassing an Internet enterprise that will generate revenue quickly and expand into a colossal powerhouse.


Children’s toys are a lucrative industry, with some of the top earners being children themselves.


There is always a wide selection of toys available now that we live in a world where new concepts and products are always being developed. How then can adults decide which toys to buy their kids, and how can youngsters decide which ones to put on their wish lists?


Toy reviews provide an actual image or video of the toy, together with information that can assist someone in deciding whether or not to buy it (or whether or not it’s appropriate for their child if they’re the ones doing the searching).


Sharing their opinions on toys on platforms like YouTube and TikTok allows children to demonstrate the things they are reviewing.


These two platforms dominate the market for toy evaluations, although Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are also quite popular. Use hashtags and detailed text in your social media posts so that parents and kids who are looking for new toys will see them.


To avoid having their child’s image uploaded online, parents can choose “product images” or “product films” in which the youngster is not visible. Many unboxing films feature only the child’s hands as they remove the packaging.


Start them off with a toy review blog if you’d like to have more say in the material they post. Inorganic keyword searches can nonetheless lead to traffic from your intended demographic.


You may be as detailed as you wish when describing the toys in a blog post because you have the space to do so. Your kid’s toy blog could be about anything from STEM toys to toys for younger children.


You can begin posting reviews on toys online by using the following hashtags:


#Hashtag for Toy Reviews


#toyreviewer is a hashtag for toy reviewers.

#Toy collectors, take note:


As a hashtag, “#toyunboxing” means: *

#toyreviews *

This is the toy community, so play nice.

The Unboxing (#unboxing)

This is my toy collection!

#toystagram (for Instagram)

(*) #toytok (for TikTok videos)


By aiming your content at various demographics, you can see which ones respond best and gain insight into how to improve your content’s performance. Try out different kinds of toys, such as action figures, electronic games, cuddly animals, and creative playthings.


You should stick with the brand or category that naturally attracts the people who share your interests and values. To make money off of your work, you must first find your target audience and build a community around it.


Some resources for making money off of toy reviews are provided below.


Promotion via Affiliation


Affiliate marketing can take several shapes, depending on the medium. Instagram and TikTok, to name just two, don’t let you post links anywhere but in your profile, so you’d have to use Linktree to connect the product reviews there.


You are free to include as many links to individual product pages as you like in your blog posts and video descriptions on both your site and YouTube. You can earn a commission if visitors who read your toy reviews click through to Amazon to make a purchase after finding your site through search engines like Google.


Putting Money in the Hands of Influencers


Registration for TikTok’s Creator Fund requires parental consent. The number of views your videos receive determines how much money you receive from this pool. You’ll need a lot of views to make any money, and they don’t pay much.


The average payout per 1,000 views on TikTok is between 2 and 4 cents.


Monetizing your toy review videos on YouTube is a fun and easy way to make some more cash on the side. With monetization turned on, you can start earning money from the number of times your films are watched.


For every thousand impressions, designers can expect to earn between $3 and $5. Making money off of your passion project videos is a realistic possibility if you have a dedicated following.


In order to launch a channel, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours. To get noticed, you need do nothing more complicated than to begin regularly publishing high-quality material and sharing it on social media.


Brand Partnerships


If you become a “toy influencer,” various toy manufacturers will approach you. In proportion to the number of people who find value in your toy reviews, manufacturers will contact you about potential endorsement partnerships.


In essence, the vast majority of them will have you reviewing their toys after receiving free samples. They’ll offer you money or free toys in exchange for your time. All of this hinges on the understanding your parents and the company come to when they reach out to families like yours.


Look up toy reviewers like Ryan Kaji, who was one of the top earners in this sector by posting his reviews to the globe via YouTube, if you want to see how other children have benefited from this market.


Successful video gamers can make a living wage even if they don’t go to university.


Video game playing has always been a popular pastime among young people. As people get older, they often have to give up their hobbies because they no longer have the time to devote to them.


But imagine if you could make a living doing what you love—playing video games! If you put in the time and effort, of course, you can. Multiplayer games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Among Us are becoming more and more popular in many online communities. This gives people a lot of chances to broadcast exciting tournaments and funny group projects.


If you want to attract the gaming community to your social profiles so you can monetize them, stick to popular games. Because of the wide variety of games available, even younger children might find success in the gaming industry.


You need not abandon formal education in favor of gaming. Actually, if you get a head start and figure out how to make money off of the games you play, your entrepreneurial efforts can cover the cost of your education.


Here are some ways to increase your influence and make money from your love of gaming:


Online Video Game Streaming on Twitch


If you want your Twitch viewers to see your face as well as your screen, you can do so when you start a live stream (if you want them to). Since it’s real-time, you and your viewers can have conversations as they watch your gameplay together.


Your Twitch audience can show their appreciation by donating to you while they watch you perform. For those just starting out, this is a frequent form of financial support. Brand discounts and merchandise, like a shop that produces t-shirts and other things on demand and sends them directly to customers, are a great way to monetize your growing audience.


In order to attract more fans, you should prioritize competing in well-liked games. If you’re able to locate a game with a smaller fan base, you may still be able to profit from it because there will be fewer businesses fighting for the attention of those spectators.


Adding a subscription option to your Twitch stream is also possible. This will require your viewers to pay a nominal price in order to view your stream. You can also provide them with free video content at various levels.


Video Games on YouTube


As was previously indicated for content creators with a large viewership, YouTube gamers can make money through the platform’s monetization system. Create a script of your playthrough of any game and your thoughts as you go along, then convert it into a series and upload it to your channel.


Maintain a consistent publishing schedule so that your subscribers know they can count on a new video being uploaded to your channel on a particular day of the week or at a specific hour. Playthroughs of popular games like Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, and Minecraft are great places to start if you’re new to the platform.


Though there is a story mode in Minecraft, the vast majority of videos showcase the game’s creative potential when played with others. Affiliate marketing is encouraged on YouTube, so you can post links to products like video games and other goods sold on Amazon and other sites.


Critiques of Video Games


Spend some time really playing video games. You can use that material for a video series, and then make another video rating and review the game, which you can put on your blog alongside written and visual analysis.


Some gamers rely on reviews to help them choose which games to play, so what you say will be taken carefully. You can discuss the game itself, including your impressions of the good and bad moments.


Opinions on Various Accessories


Apart from the actual video games themselves, there are a wide variety of gaming peripherals that could be the subject of a review. Gaming headsets are a must-have item. You can rate many features, such as the microphone (if present), the sound, the noise cancellation, the comfort, and the general design.


PC monitors are essential for smooth gameplay. Many gamers enjoy having two screens—one for gameplay and the other for their Discord or other viewings—so it’s important to consider dimensions, height adjustability, screen quality, brightness, frame rate, and design.


A game’s fluidity and framerate are both subject to the performance of the computer. If you know about other common PC parts, you can judge the memory, RAM, motherboard, and graphics card by how well they work and how much they cost.


When it comes to PC gaming, keyboards are always in high demand. Lighting, smoothness, efficiency, cost, size, and backlight can all be evaluated. Many people will base their purchase decision in part on how well it fits their body.


Video game chair evaluations are always popular. Comfort, assembly time, quality of materials, wheel ability, and the ability to alter the height are all factors you might consider when writing a review of a chair.


While newer consoles are continuously being released, some gamers still prefer the classics. Each and every one of them is available for your perusal. When it comes to video game systems, everyone has their own opinion.


Fans of Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo can voice their opinions on the relative merits of their respective gaming consoles. Discuss the changes that were made or the features that were cut from the previous iteration.


Game controllers get worn out quickly and need to be updated frequently. Different controllers may feature different button layouts, color options, lighting schemes, audio outputs, and bundled extras; these can all be evaluated.




Take advantage of the chance to collaborate with other players if you have access to such people. Videos from video games where you get to joke around with your pals are always popular.


Having a friend on stage with you might help fill the silence and boost your confidence when performing solo.


Collaboration offers on merchandise, events, and more will come your way as your gaming profiles expand.


Mobile Video Game Sharing Platform TikTok


TikTok’s emphasis on shorter videos means that you can easily capture your best gaming moments on the platform and edit them together to form highlight reels. They might be humorous or utilized as a platform to demonstrate proficiency.


You can also create product reviews for the aforementioned add-ons and TikToks describing games that you enjoy and would recommend to others. Use the hashtag #gamertok whenever you post videos featuring gamers.


Fanatics of a certain sport use their common interest to their advantage.


One of the best things about sports is that people of all ages can enjoy and participate in them. Blogs in the sports niche can cover a wide range of subjects relevant to any sport, from golf to soccer to football to gymnastics.


You can find reviews for a wide variety of sports equipment if you are an athlete or consider yourself to be quite active. To help people choose the best tools for the job, you may launch a blog that compares and contrasts the various pieces of equipment.


If you play a contact sport like soccer, for instance, you may want to experiment with different shin guards to see how well they protect your legs. If your blog is popular, big sportswear companies might pay you to review their products honestly in exchange for a partnership.


You can discuss major events in the sports world by covering a wide range of sports news and video. You can attract a steady stream of readers who are interested in what you have to say about your chosen sport if you establish yourself as an authoritative source of news in that area.


It’s possible to find sports collectibles at second-hand shops and garage sales. If you want to generate some extra cash, you might write blog posts about your discoveries and perhaps sell some of them.


Some sports can become a lifelong passion, a marketable specialty, and a source of income far into old age. One can find junior golfers as young as five and senior golfers who play regularly.


For that and similar sports, information goods on how to train for the game, improve your skills, and other related topics are good sellers. In addition to digital content, you can earn a commission as an affiliate by promoting physical goods.


Social networking might help you gain a following, but blogging can let you share your ideas and knowledge with others. Review the results of a keyword tool to see what people are looking for. Best baseball bats may be one of the search results, and from there, you could narrow your focus to see what kind of bats people are looking for, such as the best wooden baseball bats or the best baseball bats for 10-year-olds.


Increased responsibility among children drives growth in the pet industry.


Having a pet may be a wonderful teaching tool for kids about compassion and responsibility. Consider getting your child a pet if you want to help them learn to be more responsible and independent while also giving them a new best friend.


Think about how much time and energy you’re willing to put into each pet before deciding which one to grow for your specialization. Common pets include dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, bearded dragons, and guinea pigs.


Before bringing a new pet into your home, it’s important to learn about its specific requirements, such as the kind of cage, food, and bedding it should have. If you’re taking care of this pet, you may document your experiences on social media and tell the world about it on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs.


Here’s some content you can create with your pet and sell:


Hints for Training


Create a series of articles detailing the various tricks you’ve taught your pet and the methods you used to teach them. If your pet doesn’t always listen, you may be looking for a strategy to teach it better manners.


In this context, “training” might refer to anything from housebreaking a puppy to teaching a parrot to sing. Your training recommendations, which you can package and sell as an information product like an eBook or video course, can include anything that benefits the pet or provides it with exercise and amusement.


You can locate informational goods to advertise as an affiliate on marketplaces like ClickBank if you’d rather not create your own. One of the best information packages on dog grooming on ClickBank, for example, pays a huge $33 commission on every sale.


Critiques of Pet Supplies and Eatables


You may include references to items that you know your pet will love based on your own experience with them. Take videos that show how a certain toy helps your pet and how it works so that you can include a picture of the product with your review.


Make an Amazon storefront where you recommend products and drive customers there with a single affiliate link. Take a video of your pet’s reaction to food and toys, as this will go viral on social media.


Advice on Taking Care of Your Pet


If you’ve done your homework, you can help others take better care of their dogs by providing them with advice on how to keep them healthy. Some individuals don’t have the money to take their pets to the vet right away, and some health problems can be treated with over-the-counter medications.


People will appreciate you more quickly if you tell them about healthier, more affordable alternatives. Everyone who has a pet wants what’s best for them, which is a long and healthy life.


People shouldn’t be discouraged from taking their pets to the vet when they have serious health problems, but you can give them advice on basic care, like how to keep tartar from building up on their teeth and how to keep them from getting fat by getting them to exercise regularly, etc.


Methods for Cleaning Your Cage


Some pets have a knack for quickly transforming a spotless environment into a chaotic one. People will be interested in hearing from you if you’ve figured out the best ways to clean a pet’s cage and maintain a tidy home.


Help out your fellow pet owners by sharing your knowledge about the best products and techniques for caring for their pets, including bedding, litter, floor mats, and more. A paw washer is a great recommendation if you have an outdoor-loving dog; in fact, any product that you can sell for a commission and that benefits both the pet and its owner will be well received.


Rhetorical Questions, Videos, and Funny Stories


The Internet is a happy place when a video of a lovely pet is uploaded. Grab your phone if you have a pet with odd habits and capture some of its wackier antics. Maybe you want to create a social media profile for your pet where you can share pictures and videos of them having a good time.


Since these videos have the potential to go viral on sites like TikTok, they may be monetized in a number of ways, including a wish list on Amazon from which your followers can buy things to ship to you and your pet for a review.


Teenage entrepreneurs can make a fortune in the beauty industry.


If you enjoy cosmetics and skincare, you will never want the material to share on your social media accounts. The world of beauty, both its creation and its consumption, has sprung onto the social media scene.


Aspiring adolescent beauty influencers, here are some content and monetization ideas:


Makeup How-Tos


Inevitably, if you’ve perfected a killer makeup look, you’ll be asked to share your secrets. Makeup artists can help other fans by taking the time to show them how they do their work.


There is no better approach to trying to start your own beauty trend than this. Many people would benefit from learning techniques for enhancing their natural beauty with makeup, such as how to use eyeshadow, highlighter, concealer, and more.


In the beauty community, many creators broadcast themselves putting on makeup live on TikTok, and people who liked the tutorial gave them money or gifts.


Analysis of Cosmetics


There is a lot of makeup out there that doesn’t require you to be a beauty expert but still manages to elevate a natural appearance. Reviewing cosmetics and accessories can be a fun topic for films and blogs.


Describe how the eye shadow is pigmented, the eyeliner is crisp, and the foundation is silky smooth. You can talk about basic makeup tools and items, or you can suggest glitter and bright colors.


Advice on Skincare


The process of learning what is best for your body and how to take care of your skin as a teenager or young adult can be challenging. During the process, you can use social media to keep track of your progress, think about what you’ve learned, and share the tools and strategies that have helped you the most.


If your views skyrocket, you can make money off of it through affiliate links, collaborations with influential brands, and funding specifically for content creators. To enter this market, you need not be a supermodel. Just regular people of any age who wish to show off their style to the world can use it.


Imitating current styles


One surefire approach to increasing your viewership is to recreate popular cosmetic looks. If you tag the correct people and use the right keywords, those who are interested in makeup will be directed to your post. From there, they may explore the rest of your beauty-related posts.


Touring, which is like contouring but with self-tanner so it doesn’t fade off, is one such trend that may benefit from a how-to video. In many cases, this is preferable to applying bronzer to get the desired effect.


Among today’s generation, cooking has become a popular subculture interest.


Due to the rising popularity of Junior Culinary Shows, it stands to reason that content related to this topic would be a hot social media trend. An important part of becoming an adult is taking care of one’s own meals, so mastering the art of cooking is a valuable ability.


You may make money in the food and cooking niche through strategies including affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and monetization. You can specialize in one technique, such as baking or crockpot use, or one cuisine, such as French or Southern.


Consider the following topics and monetization strategies for your posts:


Write a cookbook.


If you and your loved ones spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider compiling your favorite recipes or coming up with some of your own to publish and sell as a cookbook on Amazon. There is no need to worry about the legality of using a loved one’s or friend’s recipe because of copyright issues because recipes are not protected in this way.


Recipe Videos


Share in-depth guides on the recipes that most excite you. Others will observe and perhaps even join you in the kitchen. To take it one step further, you can broadcast your culinary exploits and have viewers join you in the kitchen for supper or dessert.


Prepare your audience to participate in your cooking presentation by providing them with the necessary ingredients a day or two in advance. If you’re broadcasting live, you can even set up a split screen so that your viewers and guests may engage with one another.


tough baking problems


You may find many exciting baking tasks online right now. As an illustration, you can pretend you’re competing in a baking competition and try to bake a cake in the allotted amount of time.


Make a baking video with your friends and family giving feedback on the dishes you’ve made. Stick to a narrow focus when you launch your culinary or baking channel so that subscribers know exactly what they’re getting.


Check that your KitchenAid mixers, cake molds and pans, frosting kits, and other cake decorating supplies are linked to your cake decorating account.


Do what you love, share your creations with the world, and keep posting once you begin to see results. One thing you should know about any of these subcultures is that trolls are present, sometimes in large numbers.


Many trolls will record your defensive response only to have the stuff of their own for people to laugh at, so they can see if they can get a rise out of you. Thus, ignoring them will just make them look elsewhere for the attention and information they crave.


Teenage and early-20-something business owners may require some help at first. You may need to step in and aid them if they want to legally start a business such as an LLC or S-Corp or if they have a social account that requires a parent to be a partner.


Many projects, however, may be completed without parental involvement, and the process itself can be beneficial for building young people’s self-esteem and business sense as they discover what resonates and what doesn’t with their intended audience.


When they feel prepared, they can diversify into related niches or try out alternative business models. To top it all off, remind them that they may reinvest their profits by hiring someone else to write for their site, edit their videos, and do anything else that might take up too much of their time if school is a problem.

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Here Are 6 Online Markets Where Startups Can Make Money

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