If you want traffic but don’t want to spend money, here are 10 strategies to try

If you want traffic but don’t want to spend money, here are 10 strategies to try.

Getting people to visit your opt-in form and make a potential purchase is a challenging endeavor for any marketer, no matter how much experience they have. You can forget about growing your email list, making sales, or establishing yourself as an industry authority if you don’t obtain targeted traffic.


Many marketers who offer consulting services to others in the field advocate convincing their clients that the only option is to pay a hefty fee to acquire the targeted website visitors they require. This is not the case, and you actually do have access to a number of simple yet effective solutions.


Some of these methods are easier to use than others, but they all promise to bring in a steady stream of free visitors that you can then use to promote your blog, lead magnet sites, and information products.


Utilize Someone Else’s Contacts


Let’s start with the hardest one and see it through to completion. Creating a course that is a good fit for someone else’s list is a great way to attract new visitors to your site and grow your subscriber base.


The person you choose must have a much larger fan base and enjoy much greater success than you do. You should put in a lot of work to learn about the promotions, frequency of promotions, and pricing strategy of your competitors.


Then, you’ll both work together to make something—a single product or an entire sales channel—and both of you will get at least half of the proceeds. Offering a hundred percent commission on first-stage signups is a surefire way to maximize your efforts.


Assuming your product is of high quality, the marketer will almost certainly hop on board and direct their whole subscriber base to your offer. They will be added to your list and given the option to confirm their subscription when they make a purchase.


Using more than one marketer is possible. But if you think that the people with the largest and most responsive lists would advertise for you with little effort on your part, you’ll be sorely disappointed.


If they want a good return on investment from their list of subscribers, they need to make sure the information product they offer is of exceptional value to them. Spend some serious time working on a sales page and the accompanying copy to make it seem and sound professional.


Provide the marketer with at least a two-week buffer between the time you tell them and the launch. They might use the extra time to plan out when they send out bonuses through email.


Take Advantage of the Second-Largest Search Engine


No one has to be reminded that Google is the best search engine available. But YouTube is quickly catching on. Although it is limited to video content, many individuals come to this site when they need specifics about a narrow subject.


Tips for your audience, actionable tutorials they can implement, product evaluations, and more can all be made in the form of videos, and you don’t even have to be in them. So that more people will subscribe to your channel and click on the links in your videos’ descriptions and visit your website, you’re probably interested in learning how to make short, compelling videos.


In order to make better videos, you can use free software. Canva offers presentation slide layouts that are ideal for use in video production. Another free program for recording your computer’s screen and making any necessary adjustments before uploading to YouTube is called CamStudio.


Examine the top-performing films in your field in terms of views and engagement to figure out what you can do to achieve similar success.


A three-minute film may resonate with one subset of viewers while a nearly 10-minute video may do better with another. You should add a link to your site in the video’s description and on the video itself to increase exposure.


Drive More Long-Tail Search Traffic


If you’re not keen on driving traffic to your site and offerings, a well-planned SEO blog can do the trick. Don’t be scared off by the term “search engine optimization.”


While it’s true that it’s more challenging to rank for broad keywords, you may easily dominate the ranking process by focusing on long-tail searches instead. To begin, look for a free keyword research tool.


You need to research not just one core long-tail keyword phrase but a number of related ones for usage in your blog posts. Then, you can focus on creating content around those phrases that aren’t being targeted by most other niche marketers and see your pieces rapidly rise in the Google rankings.


Take, as an illustration, an information product you’ve created that teaches novices how to prepare for a survival situation. Blog posts with long-tail keyword phrases, such as “survival preparedness food list” or “survival preparedness supplies,” will help you attract readers interested in those topics.


Make sure you have a mechanism to collect visitor information, including names and emails before you start funneling people to your site. Including a clickable link to your information product within a blog article is another great way to spread the word.


Focus the camera on a rival.


Strange as it may seem, praising the merits of your rival can occasionally assist in driving attention to your site. The approach can be employed in two distinct fashions.


To begin, you can write a blog post about a rival who targets the same demographic as your own. When you do this, your blog post will appear in the SERPs for those looking for that person’s name, increasing the likelihood that they will click through to read what you have to say about them.


If you’re a blogger, avoid writing critically about your rivals. This can backfire and turn into a vicious online flame war, which will do nothing but hurt your reputation as an expert in your field.


Instead, you should emphasize the value the other person adds and the advantages they provide. You can also contact your fellow niche specialists and inform them of the blog post.


Instead of making the other person sound like the go-to expert, you’ll make it sound like they’re on par with you and someone your audience could like hearing from.


If the other niche marketer sees your blog post praising them, they will likely share it with their audience, as it is essentially a positive review. Both their email list and social media followers can benefit from this.


It could pave the way for potential future collaborations. You can also accomplish this by inviting a competitor to write a guest blog for your website.


Some people enjoy doing this, so they may direct the focus whenever their name is brought up in conversation. As in the previous case, it’s likely that the guest blogger would promote the finished version of the blog post they wrote for your site to both their email list subscribers and their social media followers.


In any case, you’ll have a captive audience ready to learn more about you and your business through your lead magnet offer and the other information on your site.


Launch from Facebook Groups


Targeted traffic can be easily directed to your site via Facebook groups. While you may not see a large number of visitors to your site right away, a large number of people interested in a wide range of specialized topics already exist on Facebook.


If you want to share your expertise with others, you may do so by creating a Facebook group at no cost to you. Make sure anyone can join your organization and contribute by making it accessible to the public.


You can restrict who can post in the group, preventing an influx of spammers who will drive away serious buyers. If you maintain a blog on your own website, you may direct your audience there whenever you publish a new entry, increasing the likelihood that they will sign up for your mailing list, buy your wares, and otherwise engage with your brand.


Instagram and Tik Tok users, click the “Link in Bio” button.


Some forums don’t give users many opportunities to insert links into each and every post they make. Facebook and YouTube are great for this, but other platforms, like Instagram and Tik Tok, let you include a link in your bio.


Make sure the page you’re connecting to is one that helps you get more subscribers. Instead of hoping these social media users will eventually visit your site, you can instead contact them through your lead magnet page.


Visual social media posts are what make platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok so popular. Instagram focuses mostly on photographs but also supports video content. You can only upload videos to Tik Tok. The audiences on both platforms tend to be very specific, but with some ingenuity and the right hashtags, you should have no trouble connecting with your target demographic.


Exhibit your knowledge to pique people’s interest.


Joining discussion groups in which you may assist others is another free method to boost your site’s visibility. In a typical online forum, people who are also experiencing similar difficulties can vent their frustrations, ask questions, and express other thoughts and feelings to others in a similar position.


Very few people, if any at all, will volunteer to help those struggling to find answers to their questions in many online communities. Spend a few minutes a day browsing a forum related to your niche, identifying one or two people you can assist, and coming up with detailed and well-thought-out comments to their postings.


Your signature file, which may contain a link and some text or a picture, will be displayed beneath each of your forum posts if the forum supports signatures. You should definitely link out to your lead magnet page from here.


However, if a signature file is not allowed, most forums still allow you to include your site’s name and URL in your profile. Your ability to engage the forum’s user base in conversation will directly impact how many people click on your profile and, in turn, how many people visit your site.


Create a board with numerous traffic pins for it.


Pinterest is another social media platform that can drive a substantial amount of qualified traffic. Pinterest is free to use and also contains a huge specialized audience for a number of themes. Whether you’re a customer or a business, it’s free to sign up for either.


Pinterest may be used in numerous ways to increase site traffic. You need to learn how to structure your own Pinterest boards so that others will want to follow you, and you will also need to learn how to make images that will catch someone’s eye.


Some tactics involve grouping pins from similar websites into larger boards and encouraging users in the same niche to do the same, thus increasing the visibility of all the boards in the group.


You can start a podcast and direct listeners to your website.


Audio is often disregarded, despite its potential to draw many viewers to a website. However, in the modern world, it is not uncommon to see people with their earphones in, listening to a podcast while commuting, or performing other tasks.


Through a podcast’s episodic format, you may share your knowledge and insights with an audience. Depending on where you host your podcast, you have the option of both orally directing listeners to your domain and providing a link to it so that they may sign up for a freebie there.


To make a podcast, you need neither expensive software nor specialized hardware, and there are plenty of free platforms from which to choose. You can use your computer’s dictation software or the microphone on your phone to record sounds.


Publish yourself on Kindle and drive traffic to your website.


Becoming a published writer is a great way to get more visitors to your blog and make money in the process. Making and publishing a short non-fiction Kindle book on their platform is free.


When readers are finished with your book, they can find a link to your website there so they can find out more about you. You can keep doing this over and over again, releasing as many books (of whatever length) as you choose.


This method requires no outlay of capital beyond the time and energy spent writing the book, as you can obtain free eBook cover templates on sites like Canva or elsewhere.


You may attract customers to your site and your deals in a number of ways. Don’t believe the rumor that says you have to pay a small fortune to attract interest in your specialized knowledge.

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10 Ways to Get Traffic When You Don't Want to Spend Money

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