Methodology for Affiliate Marketing in 30 Days

Methodology for Affiliate Marketing in 30 Days

Having a successful career as an affiliate marketer requires a wide range of activities. It’s an ongoing process that takes time and focuses on your target audience to do things like evaluate items, look into possible solutions, and drive traffic to your suggestions.

Too often, online business owners try to skip steps in the process, posting multiple reviews over a few days and then giving up when they don’t see immediate results. If you’re serious about making money as an affiliate marketer, you should follow this 30-day plan designed to help you establish a solid foundation for your business.

On Day One, focus on a growing market segment.

focus on a growing market segment

You should have a genuine enthusiasm for your chosen area. It would be exhausting to be stuck in a job that requires you to write about something you don’t care about.

However, knowing that the niche is developing over time in terms of market sales is essential if you want to turn a profit. You want the growth to be a constant ascent, and you can check industry statistics with relative ease to make sure that this is the case.

Concerns may arise if the niche remains static or even contracts, rather than expanding. When a part of the market is growing very quickly, it can’t just be because of whatever is in the news at the moment.

Look into the hype on Day 2!

Look into the hype 

However, there is a limit to what can be learned from studying market data. To take advantage of a niche’s strengths and momentum, you must first understand why the niche is growing. You can accomplish this by monitoring industry-related news.

You can read more about the topic at hand by subscribing to a variety of publications, including trade and consumer magazines, industry newsletters for specific fields, and, of course, news websites and search engine news tabs.

You can use the angles and conversations you see to your advantage when you write content that helps you rise in the SERPs (search engine results pages), so make sure to take notes.

Day 3: Confirm that your profit projections are realistic.

Confirm that your profit projections are realistic

Some niches deal largely in physical goods; others deal in digital goods; and many have a beautiful blend of the two, providing you even more opportunities to gain from promos you distribute to your audience.

Do some research into affiliate programs to learn about potential earnings. To find affiliate programs that sell digital products, check out marketplaces like Warrior Plus and JVZoo; to find programs that sell a wide variety of specialized products, check out ClickBank; and to find affiliate programs that sell physical goods, check out Amazon, CJ, and Share-a-Sale.

There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the number of products you think have potential, the selling price, and the commission structure. If the quality of the product is good enough for your customers, you may choose to work with one of the many companies that offer commissions of up to 70% instead of the few that only offer 5% or 10%.

Fourth Day: Buy a Address

Buy a Address

When choosing a domain name, don’t even bother with any additional extensions. If someone has the dot com extension of a domain you thought of, keep brainstorming until you find one that is available; most people will only type in dot com, not dot net or dot info.

Your domain name should be descriptive of your site’s content before users ever consider clicking through to it. This can be accomplished by using appropriate keywords on websites like or

This not only helps human visitors but also gives search engine crawlers a way to classify your site correctly and show relevant content to human visitors when they need it.

Some of these keyword phrases can be thought up with the help of keyword tools (both free and paid for), and then you can attempt to buy the domain that contains those words. This one change can have a significant impact on how high you rank in search engines.

Purchase Web Hosting on Day 5

Purchase Web Hosting

There is a wide choice of hosting plans, from the smallest shared hosting packages to the largest reseller accounts and dedicated servers. For now, the simplest account will do. There’s no point in shelling out extra cash until you have to.

If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need only set up WordPress, start publishing, and start collecting email addresses. Stick with what’s a suitable match for now; if your needs for bandwidth or other things change in the future, you can upgrade then.

Blog Setup, Day 6

Blog Setup

Installing WordPress is a breeze because it uses your cPanel. After logging in, you can use the WordPress QuickInstall option to make a simple blog that you can change to fit your affiliate marketing needs.

Day 7: Make Your Blog Unique!

Make Your Blog Unique

Changing the look of your blog is a breeze. Go down the sidebar and check the boxes next to your desired settings. You will be able to show yourself visually in any way you want, from the colors and fonts you choose to the images you choose for your header.

To comply with Amazon’s policies, you must have an affiliate statement page. You may need to make claims about the possible financial benefits of your suggestions from other marketplaces or other sellers.

Constructing a “contact us” page is another option (in case your readers need to communicate with you or a vendor wants to ship you a free sample). The “About” section of a website is a nice way to introduce yourself to potential customers.

This section can be important in some situations. For example, if you run a site about dogs and say you have four rescue dogs or if you’re a parent who blogs about raising five kids, this section can be important.

Today is Day 8: Add Categories and Tags

Add Categories and Tags

You can improve site navigation for users and search engines alike with well-thought-out usage of tags and categories. When you’re ready to publish a new product review, you can select a category that you’ve already established.

If your specialty is pets, you may create sub-niches for things like pet supplies, pet wellness, pet nutrition, and so on. Or, you might have sub-niches like “keto,” “low-cal,” “Mediterranean,” and so on if you’re covering a variety of diets for weight loss.

You can either prepare a set of tags ahead of time or assign them to individual product reviews as you go along. Tags are like keywords in that they help both people and search engines find the information they are looking for.

Day 9: Feel the audience’s throat to know what they want

Feel the audience's throat to know what they want

You’ve finished creating your site and are now ready to start collecting email addresses for your mailing list. To do this and to write the most convincing reviews of products, it’s essential to understand the challenges your target market is facing and how they feel helpless in the face of them.

Today, check out online discussion groups, blog comments, and social media posts to learn about issues others are debating, seeking advice for, and venting about. Collect all the information you’ll need to make your lead magnets and product reviews for building your email list in one place.

The best-selling book list is another good indicator of what readers are interested in. If you’re in the diet niche and focus on individual diets and you find a best-selling book about diet mindset, you might want to steer your readers away from the technical nutrition parts of weight loss and instead help them work through their mental problems related to diet and weight loss.

The tenth day is all about creating a lead magnet that people will want to sign up for.

all about creating a lead magnet that people will want to sign up for

Once you’ve identified their problems, you may design an irresistible lead magnet (opt-in offer). The sharing of contact information for a topic they want to know more about can be seductive, especially when it’s free.

Write a text report, make an eBook or guide that tells the whole story, make a video series, record a private podcast episode, or use any other way that works for you and is within your skills.

On the eleventh day, sign-ups will begin.

sign-ups will begin

To complete the list-building procedure, you need the means to accept sign-ups. Select an autoresponder service, such as Aweber, and use it to organize your mailing list. The system is new to you, so plan to spend a day learning how it works.

You can get up and going quickly with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse because they typically provide a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers or helpful video training.

Plan your follow-up email on Day 12.

Plan your follow-up email

You have a follow-up mechanism in place that will automatically send a welcome email to new subscribers. This is something that all new subscribers get, so it makes sense to put a link to your freebie here.

From here on out, however, you can either continually send out a series of follow-up emails to all of your subscribers (great for an evergreen niche) or you may send out broadcast emails to your list exclusively.

You can take a passive role in the conversation or actively participate in keeping up with the latest developments in your field. It all depends on how you envision the exchange of information developing.

Put in your forms on Day 13.

Put in your forms

It’s possible that you’d like to employ more than one form, perhaps one for your lead magnet page, another for your blog’s sidebar, and yet another for the area beneath your blog entries. Go through the steps of creating a form and installing it where it belongs, then test it to make sure it works.

Challenges in Your Market Area: Day 14

Challenges in Your Market Area

Some members of a subculture have difficulty, but they don’t know where they’re going wrong. They recognize they aren’t making progress toward their weight loss goals, but they may not understand that an error in macronutrient calculations is to blame.

In the past, you investigated their mental health and sought out triggers for strong feelings. Take a closer look at potential trouble spots. For instance, witnessing people follow the wrong leaders in their field due to a lack of resources (such as time, money, or credibility) is a major setback.

15th Day: Think of 30 solutions to problems

Think of 30 solutions to problems

You’ve made a list of potential psychological and technological issues that your readers may face. You must determine how you will lead people to the answer that is optimal for them.

The ability to generate enough ideas for a month’s worth of work in a single session is a powerful one. If you don’t have time to cook nutritious meals, for example, you may mention that as a problem and then provide product reviews of things like meal prep containers and quick and easy cooking classes as a solution.

On the sixteenth day, submit specialized content to your affiliates for review.

submit specialized content to your affiliates for review

You should start publishing content that demonstrates your expertise as a contributor in your niche before applying to affiliate programs. This material will inform, teach, and inspire, as well as inform, teach, and inspire.

The aim is to let potential partners and employers evaluate your worth and value before giving you the green light. Companies often pass over applicants who either don’t fill out their profiles or fill them out with poor-quality content.

There are several options for getting your writing out there. You can either write it yourself, use a ghostwriter, or buy private label rights, which grant the buyer the ability to resell the content under their name.

On Day 17, you can start applying for links.

you can start applying for links

If you want to become an affiliate and put up product reviews with links, wait until your site is filled with quality material before applying. There is a wide range of possible approval times, from quick to 30-45 days.

Once you’ve been permitted to promote a product, you must follow the guidelines set forth by the seller or corporation. Some online stores, for example, don’t allow the use of threatening language or other tricks to get customers to click on a link.

On the 18th day, learn various review writing techniques.

learn various review writing techniques

Unless you know how to spice up your product evaluations, writing them can become tedious after a time. You need not limit your posts to a single product.

You can present it from a variety of angles, such as a top-10 list, pros, and cons, unboxing videos, case studies, or by simply contrasting two goods side by side.

Explore competing for product review sites to get a sense of the variety of formats available to you and your readers. Though emulating someone else’s approach is never a good idea, learning about the communication process is.

Prepare a sample product evaluation form today, Day 19.

Prepare a sample product evaluation form today

You don’t have to use a template, but doing so will save you time and give your regular readers a sense of consistency.

You could start by talking about the problem, then give a quick overview of the product and its features, make a few helpful suggestions, and end by talking about any problems and how they might be fixed.

Day 20: Write a Critique of a Product

Write a Critique of a Product

Select the approach or perspective you wish to employ and the product(s) you wish to evaluate. You should give it your all because this one effort will set the bar for how well you do in the future.

Write like you would like to be written about if you were using the review as a shopping guide for yourself: comprehensive, fascinating, and honest. You can hire a ghostwriter to do the reviewing for you if you need to, but you should be very clear about the structure you want the review to follow.

Day 21: Make some visuals to go with your critiques.

Make some visuals to go with your critiques

Photoshop and Canva are just two of several image-editing programs that can help you make visuals to go along with your review or represent it on social media. You can make images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms with Canva.

As of today (Day 22: Publish Your Review with Search Engine Optimization and Skimming in Mind),

Publish Your Review with Search Engine Optimization and Skimming in Mind

A detailed, in-depth review isn’t for everyone. They can be interested just in your main points. But you should make sure your writing is easy to read by using bold subheadings and bullet points.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices like categorizing and tagging your content and using tags on photos to break up large blocks of text.

23rd Day: Post Approvals on the Appropriate Networks

Publish Your Review with Search Engine Optimization and Skimming in Mind

When your review is complete and available online, you should write a summary to entice readers to check it out and grab the link so they may pass it around on social media.

It’s important to locate your target demographic. It’s possible you won’t find it on Facebook and will instead have to post it on another social media platform like Instagram, Tik Tok, or Twitter. Before putting time and effort into driving traffic to your reviews from a website, you should first determine whether there is a sizable audience there.

Day 24: Promote your review with soundbites

Promote your review with soundbites

A lot of affiliates don’t realize how effective sound can be in attracting readers to their blogs. Show notes for podcast episodes are a great place to include a link to a review of a product or a landing page to collect email addresses.

You can make a podcast without spending any money or using any specialized tools, as there are many free hosting sites available. The podcast’s URL can then be distributed via Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

Review Traffic Using Videos from YouTube and Tik Tok for Day 25

Review Traffic Using Videos from YouTube and Tik Tok

Including video in your affiliate marketing strategy is a good idea, whether you embed the video into your product review site or leave it there. Affiliates may also use the written review as a script for a video review.

A Tik Tok user can generate leads from 15- to 3-minute video clips by including a link to a lead magnet page in their profile.

E-mail your contacts: The 26th Day

E-mail your contacts

You should make it a habit to update your readers as soon as a new product review is posted on your blog. Don’t presume they’ll come upon it by themselves. You can’t just be like, “Hey! However, I do have an updated product review for you.

Instead, you should send them an email describing a problem they may be having, tailor it to them by sharing a personal anecdote, and then let them know you made a post with instructions on how to solve the problem (before linking to it).

Bonus for the Upcoming Review, Day 27

Bonus for the Upcoming Review

Digital products lend themselves particularly well to bonuses, but physical products can benefit from them as well; for example, you could give a gamer’s guide to those who buy video games through your link or a guide on anti-aging to people who buy anti-aging products through your link.

First, look at something you can review with plenty of time between now and its launch to develop the bonus. The bonus might be as small as a 5-page report, or as long as you choose.

When designing a bonus, it’s important to ensure that it goes well with the main offering. If you’re writing about a ketogenic diet regimen, for instance, you could include an extra cookbook full of keto-friendly sweets.

Day 28: Prepare yourself to receive affiliate benefits

Prepare yourself to receive affiliate benefits


When it comes to promoting their wares online, several companies give incentives to reviewers who generate the most sales. If you ask for benefits, some of them won’t even bother asking for your stats. One of them may be an advanced review copy.

Your evaluation can therefore be more thorough. You might also get a bigger share of the profits and a prominent spot on their download page for a banner ad that leads people to your lead magnet page.

Day 29: Establish Regular Affiliate Habits

Establish Regular Affiliate Habits


The key to affiliate marketing success is maintaining regular posting and distributing schedules. To improve your review writing, you may, for example, establish a regimen for yourself to follow whenever you sit down to do so.

Research first, then write, design graphics, publish, post on social media, then send out an email. If you want to take things further, you can use a plugin for WordPress to help you set up a publication schedule that will keep you on track and ensure that your site doesn’t go stale.

Day 30: Create a Review Tracking Spreadsheet

Create a Review Tracking Spreadsheet

You shouldn’t just keep track of what reviews you have planned; you should also be able to quickly check your past reviews to avoid duplicating any of the work.

Make use of a spreadsheet to classify user comments by product line, vendor, cost range, special features, and more. At that point, you can organize them however you like. It can even help you look at products you’ve already reviewed from a different angle, like a top 5 list. 

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