Motivation does not come in a one-size-fits-all package

Motivation does not come in a one-size-fits-all package.

Have you ever seen a link to a blog or video that was designed to encourage you, but instead left you feeling uninspired?
It could be the media type, the person’s voice, the rate at which they speak — anything that doesn’t “connect” with you.

Consider what motivates you.
Is it listening to motivational recordings or reading inspirational books – or is it someone in your life (teacher, parent, mentor) who motivates you?

One sort of motivation does not always suit everyone.
Some people prefer a feel-good, kumbaya approach to getting motivated, while others prefer a boot camp atmosphere.
And, sometimes, it just takes falling to the bottom of the barrel and hitting rock bottom to motivate you to stand up and do action.

Being unable to pay our water or energy bill and facing a homeless living is enough motivation for most of us to hunt for work or find a way out of a menial existence.
If you’re having trouble inspiring yourself to start that online business or take it to the next level, it’s critical that you discover the motivation you need to get it done.

Staring at a blank screen every day, unsure of what to do next, is not the most motivating approach to stay motivated in your business.
You may have been thrilled about getting your business online in the beginning, but now you’ve faded out and found yourself less inspired to sit at the computer and work every day.

If something isn’t done – and done fast – you’re likely to give up before you’ve even begun to enjoy the success you sought.
Here are some pointers to help you re-energize and pursue your goals for future success.

Set some tiny, attainable goals first.
You may be overly focused on the larger picture of your company.
That can be daunting and discouraging since it seems like it will take forever to realize them.

Small, attainable goals, such as creating one blog post for today, can help to reduce the immensity of what you’re attempting to do.
It also offers you a sense of accomplishment, so you don’t feel like a failure.

Take action, no matter how horrible you feel.
Taking quick action on some of the smaller goals will get you to the bigger ones before you know it.
Most large goals require time and small acts to fulfill.

When you look at the larger picture, it may appear to be a lengthy road, but achieving one modest goal after another should raise your confidence and encourage you.
Consider the future.
Consider the flaws and triumphs that may emerge as you establish your business.

That one item will assist you in developing the tactics required to make your firm a success.
Consider the challenges as well, and cultivate a desire to meet them.
Motivation is similar to anything else.

You must put in the effort to make it a reality.
Discover what motivates you and keep it in mind at all times.
Look for persons who convey the content in a style that you find appealing.

Check out gurus like Tony Robinson, but also hunt for smaller, lesser-known blogs that may encourage you to tackle your to-do list.
Also, experiment with different media formats – films, text, infographics, podcasts – because you never know when something will click for you and help you overcome your obstacles.

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