Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Many people would like to get away from corporate work, where they are told what to do when to work, and how much they will be paid.

Even those who actively seek “work at home” opportunities are often unaware that they will be subjected to the same debilitating conditions in a virtual office. If you’re interested in starting an online business, you have a better option.

You can start your own business, provide a service, choose your clients, determine your pay rate, and work whenever it is convenient for you.

As opposed to simply looking for another job with a boss who may seem nice during the interview but eventually makes demands that cause you to sacrifice your happiness and personal satisfaction, this is a much better solution.

If you follow the 20-day business plan that follows, you’ll be able to start your freelance career in no time at all and with very little money, and before you know it, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the 9-to-5 for good.

On Day One, You Should Determine If Freelancing Is For You.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Not everyone should pursue a career as a freelancer. Without a group of coworkers to share the load, you must accept that you will be responsible for all aspects of your business, from marketing to client relations to product development.

However, if you like the idea of being your boss and don’t mind putting in the work to establish yourself as a reliable resource, this is the kind of work in which you will excel. When working with a client who isn’t a good fit, it’s okay to say no.

You have complete control over your financial situation, though you may reach a profit ceiling if your prices exceed what customers are willing to pay. After all, there are just 24 productive hours in a week (but we will discuss a workaround for this, too).

Working hours are flexible; you can put in your time between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., as well as the more traditional 9 to 5. Time constraints are not an issue. It is possible to work while watching your children play in a park. Without coworkers to form friendships with, you’ll have more time to see loved ones.

On the second day, you should figure out how much money you can make in this industry.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 DaysInformational Product Outline for 30 Days

Earnings in the six-figure range are not out of the question for service providers. If you’re worried about working for yourself and making too little money, you shouldn’t be. However, you need to find customers; your paycheck won’t magically appear in your bank account every other Friday.

There are different types of freelance work with different pay scales. Some sites offer greater opportunities for financial gain than others. Writing a sales letter for someone may bring in more money than serving as a virtual assistant and scheduling blog posts.

There may be more people looking to hire a ghostwriter for blog posts than for sales letter copywriting. So, it’s important to think about how many jobs are out there.

On Day 3, you should figure out what you’re good at and what other people need from you.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

To that end, what expertise do you possess that could earn you money as a freelancer? Is your writing up to par? Conversational content, like the kind you’re reading here, is a must for online marketers.

eCovers, banners, and advertisements are also required. You might like doing the boring tasks that marketers give to others, like answering emails from customers, updating blog plugins, etc.

Check out freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork to see if there are any postings for services you can provide to other online business owners.

On the fourth day, we’ll go over strategies for enhancing your resume’s value.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

You might have a passion for writing or graphics, for example, but worry that your abilities aren’t up to par. You can put your skills to the test and work on improving them with these. It’s possible to develop your skills by utilizing resources like tools and video tutorials.

You can study the efforts of others and pick up tips on how to improve your skills by doing so. You can stand out as an expert in a certain field, like ghostwriting for online marketers, if you research specific niche topics.

Setting up shop legally is today’s fifth step.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Don’t start making money until you’ve officially established your company. Forming an S Corporation or Limited Liability Company is a good tax strategy, and it’s not too expensive to implement. If you’re not quite there yet, at least put aside enough money each year to cover your freelancer’s share of self-employment taxes.

Time for Day 6: Deciding How You Want to Be Recognized:

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

It is incumbent upon you, as a freelancer, to establish your own identity. You want to establish yourself as the go-to person in your field. That could mean that you’re well-known for creating graphics for things like sales pages, electronic book covers, health guides, and more.

As an Internet marketer, you could become the best virtual assistant by taking care of all the boring tasks that come with a launch, like talking to affiliates and sending out press releases.

How you want to be recognized is how you should market yourself. You’re not ruling out other employment opportunities, but you do want to claim this one.

Merchandise will be ready for purchase by customers by Day 7.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Just one order for service is fantastic. I mean, it’s money, right? But what if five sales letter graphics bundles could be purchased instead of just one? Give your customers the option to buy the whole shebang from you, including the eBook, lead magnet, articles, emails, product reviews, and sales copy, rather than just the eBook by itself.

Because your service meets all of a customer’s needs, they are more likely to make a larger purchase from you, and you will see an immediate boost to your revenue. You can offer them a discount compared to buying them separately.

Put in an Application for Social Networking Sites on Day 8

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

To succeed as a freelancer, you’ll need to establish yourself online. In the beginning, claim your social media profiles. These could be your profiles, or they could be associated with a company name, like “Niche Ghostwriting” or “Niche Graphics.”

Capture your profiles on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even visual sharing platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. Since you can’t predict where your customers will be hanging out online, it’s important to control all of the profiles associated with your brand.

Reach Your Clientele and Customers Via Social Media, Day 9

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

The networking process can begin once you’ve created your profiles and given them a polished, businesslike appearance and textual fill-out. Educate the people who might become your customers by writing helpful guides like “10 things to look for when hiring a virtual assistant.”

Customers will primarily consist of online marketers, rather than traditional businesses. So, jump on Facebook and other social media and introduce yourself to niche business owners.

Create a friendship and initiate non-business-related interactions, such as commenting on their posts. They’ll be more receptive to your post when the time comes to promote a premium service you offer.

You may feel comfortable enough with your new connections to send a direct message asking if they know of anyone in need of ghostwriting services because you have an opening in your schedule.

10th Day: Create a Personal Web Address

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Making noise about your company online is also important, and your domain is where you should focus your attention second. You can get started for as little as $12 per year for a domain name and $10 per month for web hosting with a simple blog installation on a website you create and own.

Obtain the domain name that best reflects your company name or a relevant keyword phrase. You could have a domain name like or

With your domain, you can tailor your content to specific keywords. This makes you more visible on SERPs when potential customers search for your services.

An individual looking to “hire a health ghostwriter” might stumble upon your site, check out your services, and hire you on the spot!

The Eleventh Day: Buy Web Hosting Before Setting Up Your Blog

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

If you’ve already decided on a domain name, you can move on to selecting a hosting plan with a company like Hostgator. In the streamlined cPanel that will be made available to you, all you’ll need to do to install a blog is click the QuickInstall button.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles just yet, so go with a basic and inexpensive host for this. When the blog is set up, you can customize the appearance by selecting a template and modifying other settings in the sidebar.

Making a Competitive Price Sheet on Day 12

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

It’s important to find a balance between charging what you’re worth and staying competitive so that potential clients will take you seriously.

There’s no sense in making your services seem cheap and low-quality by undercutting the competition. Of course, you should avoid pricing yourself out of the job market. Find a happy medium with your pricing as long as you’re making a decent living off of whatever it is you’re providing the client.

Create a service showcase page and publish it on Day 13!

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

A page detailing the specifics of your services (such as blog posts longer than 400 words or ad sizes) should always be accessible to potential customers. You can label the page “Services” and include pricing immediately, or you can wait to talk about that with the client.

Sometimes, to accomplish something, you have to work harder and pay more. For example, you might charge $10 per page for content about health, but much more for content about stock trading because it requires a lot of research.

To attract new customers, you should introduce yourself on Day 14.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Having a dedicated “About” page allows potential customers to learn more about you. Include a picture of you or your family and a brief bio so they can get to know you. You won’t need to enter any private information.

You can keep it professional by saying something like, “I have extensive experience researching a new topic and a degree in English,” or you can talk about the software you’re proficient with, such as Photoshop, etc.

The Fifteenth Day: Provide a Means of Contact for Customers

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

All that is required to get started is a contact form on a page labeled “Contact.” You’re not obligated to let anyone place an order with you before sitting down for a chat first.

To implement a contact form, you need only activate the Contact plugin and copy the code from its settings into your contact page before making it public. Visit the page on your site to ensure it is functioning properly.

When someone contacts you about a job, it’s best to test the waters with a small assignment to see if you can collaborate successfully. If you have a gut feeling that the person will be a pain to work with, don’t be afraid to say so and make room in your schedule for someone who will be a better fit.

Sixteenth Day: Research Potential Blog Post Topics and Keywords with an Analytical Tool

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

To attract potential employers, you can base some of your blog posts on keyword phrases that show they are actively seeking to fill a job opening. Use a phrase like “hire a ghostwriter” as a jumping-off point and brainstorm related “long-tail” phrases that could be the subject of blog posts.

Hiring a ghostwriter for a blog or hiring a ghostwriter for an eBook are two examples of what you might come across. Write some blog posts directed at marketers about their need for a good ghostwriter, some tips on how to find one, and a call to action encouraging them to get in touch for a price quote.

For Day 17, we recommend you begin blogging as a freelancer who can help their clients.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

To rank well in search engines, it is essential to produce high-quality content that your target audience is actively seeking. Look up possible terms they might use, like “ghostwriter contracts,” with a keyword tool (either one you find online for free or one you pay to use).

There may be a situation like this where a marketer is looking to hire a ghostwriter and needs to know what sort of agreement or contract to present to the person they hire. You can use this term and explain to your readers in your blog post the terms of the ghostwriter contract you use when collaborating with clients.

Day 18: Sign up for Popular Freelancing Platforms

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Clients will also find you through the use of third-party websites designed to facilitate communication between independent service providers and their target markets. There are a lot of these, and most of them offer a free basic service with paid extras like better viewing of profiles and bidding.

Upwork and Fiverr are two of the more well-known freelance platforms. Register for those first, and then, if you feel the need, look into other options.

The task for Day 19: Create a Profile That Gets Noticed

Informational Product OutlinPlan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Dayse for 30 Days

Take some time today to make sure your profiles on all relevant freelance sites are not only complete but also compelling enough to set you apart from the competition. You are looking to add value beyond the mere compilation of credentials.

The purpose of your profile is to convey to the client your expertise and enthusiasm for contributing to the client’s business objectives. Include them as one of your top interests in your profile.

20th Day: Make Your Investments Pay Off

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

After finishing your profile, you can move on to your portfolio. You need not have one established yet. Make a portfolio of your best work, like blog posts, email autoresponders, and product reviews, to get your foot in the door of the ghostwriting business.

If you’re a graphics pro, you can help them out by showcasing some specialized examples and formats for eCovers, social media headers, and other visuals they may require. It’s better to show a variety of styles and areas of expertise. This shows the audience that you can meet their needs in different ways.

Day 21: Using Strategic Pricing to Delight Your Customers.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Many independent service providers use standard templates for their bids. Writing a special proposal for each project request is a surefire way to win over a large number of customers.

Instead of just pasting in a generic bid, take the time to read the ad and come up with a response that shows you’re interested in finding a solution to the poster’s specific problem.

On the 22nd day, differentiate yourself in some way.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

It’s a good idea to check out the profiles of high-performing freelancers you’ll be up against to get an idea of what services they provide. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can set yourself apart as the smarter option.

There will be times when no one else is willing to outbid your asking price. Sometimes, it will be your ability to do scientific research or your willingness to spend a whole day coming up with a unique solution for a client.

Day 23: Using Some Freebies to Kickstart Your Feedback

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Due to freelance sites’ rating and feedback structures, it can be challenging to gain traction. You may have trouble winning bids as a new vendor. Free or discounted services could be offered in exchange for reviews and ratings.

It would be unethical to demand five stars just because you gave something away for free, so make sure to ask for honest feedback and ratings instead. One method is to ask a client you’ve gained through social media apps or your website to hire you via a freelance site, where they can then rate and review your work.

Today is Day 24: A Day of Learning How to Wow Your Clients with Deliverables

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

When hiring a freelancer for the first time, a business doesn’t know if it’ll get a blessing in disguise or a nightmare. They take a chance and hire someone else to do the work they either don’t want to do themselves or are unable to do.

Give nothing less than your best effort when submitting results. Being on time and under budget is a fantastic beginning. Don’t add on fees they didn’t expect or be late with deliveries if you don’t want to hurt their desire to work with you.

Get your customers to pay more for an upgraded version of their order on Day 25.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

It’s great to make that first sale. However, try to negotiate an upsell or upgrade with the customer as well. Maybe they won’t they won’t do this initially (until you’ve proven yourself), but once they’re happy working with you, it’s a good idea to throw in a bonus.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits, this will also help solidify your position as the client’s go-to freelance provider. Try to envision potential complements for each order as you place it. If you can, ask if you can create graphics for their blog and other social media platforms if they ordered a YouTube channel header.

The Single Most Effective Way to Ensure Future Business on the 26th Day

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

After completing a project, always inquire as to what else you can do to assist the client. Many clients will try to quickly fill an open time slot on your calendar if they know you’re holding it for them.

Try to get permission to conduct a case study of your clients on Day 27.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Success can be demonstrated through case studies. If a client asked you to make an eBook for them and that eBook became a huge hit and made the client well over $10,000, it would be a good idea to do a case study on the success of the product.

However, not all clients who prefer to keep outsourcing under wraps will be thrilled to participate in a case study. If they are open to it, however, you should showcase this work on your blog and in your portfolio.

On Day 28, plan your time for marketing activities (both online and offline).

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

Marketing veterans and aspiring business owners alike can be won over at events (virtual or physical). People go to events to make connections and find useful information, so you should go as well and pass out business cards with your URL.

The 29th Day: Delegate, But Proceed Cautiously

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

At some point, you’ll reach a point where your schedule is full and another project will come your way. To keep the client and still make a modest profit, you decide to outsource the work to someone who offers slightly lower rates.

Be wary of outsourcing to a company or individual whose ethics fall short of your own. They should know about things like plagiarism and stealing other people’s work, and you should check all deliverables carefully before giving them out.

On the 30th day, put your freelancing skills to use in the business world.

Plan of Action for Service Providers Over the Next 30 Days

However lucrative the pay might be in the freelance service industry, there is a limit to how far you can go. Taking your knowledge and putting it to use as a rival business could be an option if you want to increase your income in the commercial sector.

By creating and marketing your information products, you can start making more money and, eventually, no longer need clients. This is true whether you choose to sell content and graphics as private label rights packages to multiple buyers or create your content and market it yourself.

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