Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Marketers in the digital space could use a plethora of content. It’s the one place where the vast majority of online business owners could use some assistance, from articles to email autoresponders, social media content to products, and more.

The challenge with getting assistance is that ghostwriters can be extremely expensive. Very few marketers can afford to maintain a constant flow of content that will help them grow their audience, generate leads, and sell more of their wares.

There is an option that many people choose to put money into, and it’s called private label rights (PLR). This is content that has been ghostwritten but is being sold to multiple customers at once. While a one-person freelancer might charge $50 or more for a 5-page lead magnet, you can get the same content for just $5 when you buy the PLR version.

The PLR purchaser saves a lot of money and receives high-quality content, while the PLR vendor earns more than they would have from ghostwriting for a single client.

There are PLR vendors who offer their products through online stores. However, you need not take that path. Using the 30-day launch template provided below, you can regularly host launches of PLR content and generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

Step One: Compile a Master List of PLR Subjects

Private Label Rights Launch

Your first order of business is to compile a comprehensive inventory of potentially lucrative PLR themes from which to draw in the days, months, and years ahead. For your releases, you will create content packs.

While some vendors prefer to specialize in one area—say, self-improvement—many others offer products and services across a wide variety of specific interest areas. Check out successful PLR niches on third-party marketplaces like Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

Find out if the niche is profitable, and what people are buying in that niche, such as lead magnet reports, full funnels, product reviews, video PLR, and so on.

Monitor the Best-Performing PLR Providers on Day 2

Private Label Rights Launch

It’s a good idea to start following the lead of established PLR sellers so you can learn from their successes and failures. Not that you should steal their concepts or anything. That way, you can stay relevant even as new fads emerge and as interest in certain subjects surges.

Learn more about their releases (and how often they happen), the formats they offer (audio, video, and text), and more by subscribing to their mailing list. If you see a gap in the market, you can use these specifics to your advantage by positioning yourself as the solution.

Day Three: Pick Written Material, Media, and Media Formats

Private Label Rights Launch

As a PLR vendor, you need to establish the genre of content you intend to market. However, not everyone has a natural talent for creating written or visual content. Don’t write yourself off if you feel your content isn’t up to par; these are all skills that can be developed.

Any time you want to make it look flawless, there are services and tools available to help you do just that. But stop for a moment to consider how you can put your skills to use. To determine whether or not you can produce equivalent work, you might decide to buy some private label rights from a competitor.

A launch can consist entirely of text, entirely of video or audio, entirely of still images, or of a hybrid of these elements, such as a series of blog posts with banner images that are also turned into video slide shows or podcast episodes.

For Day 4, brainstorm ways to differentiate yourself from competing PLR sellers.

Private Label Rights Launch

You must avoid turning into a carbon copy of another person. There’s already one of those people in the market; there’s no need for a second. What’s needed is for you to bring a new perspective to the table.

It could be the medium itself, the perspective taken, the tone adopted, or the bundles made available. One possible angle is targeting a specific group, such as women or people over the age of 50. Your standard front-end offering may be text, with the multimedia components available as upgrades through your various funnels.

Focus on the Details of Your Front End on Day 5 of the Creative Process

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Invest some time today in creating a compelling initial product offer that will entice buyers to make a purchase. To satisfy buyers and partners, you should develop at least one additional feature for your offer.

Consider a launch that isn’t fully featured, giving you room to make an attractive upgrade offer. Whether it’s a collection of blog posts, reviews of products, or lead magnets, a large quantity of content is always a good front end for marketers.

Aim for 30–40 pages so that you can reasonably charge $17. A price like this would please both customers and potential partners. They are unwilling to advertise for $2.50.

Day 6: Brainstorm an OTO Idea

Private Label Rights Launch

You should sit down and consider the customer’s point of view to determine what additional products or services would complement the one they just purchased once the front end has been mapped out. Some businesses provide additional media options as an upsell so that customers can reuse their content in different contexts without any additional effort on their part.

Upgrading to the video version of the article means they can share it on their YouTube channel or the audio version on their Anchor podcast, regardless of whether they originally used the text-based front-end articles on their blog or not.

More of the same, like related blog posts, is another option, as is developing a package on a subject that meshes well with the front-end theme. If your front-end blog package is centered around slimming down, you could use an upsell focused on beating sugar addiction.

Day 7: Make a plan and begin content creation

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

This is the time to start cranking out content and getting things moving. Consider the total size of your PLR pack and divide it by the number of days you have to write the content. Consider how long it takes you to produce a page of text or a video.

A timetable could be made using hours or pages. Be sure to write from a broad viewpoint in your content. Don’t share your experience because the purchasers will likely steal it.

Never re-post someone else’s work online without their permission. You just plagiarized yourself there. Simply learn as much as you can about a subject, and then write everything from scratch, incorporating your ideas and observations.

Day 8: Set the Retail Price The Perfect Measure

Private Label Rights Launch

Let’s delve even deeper into pricing after briefly touching on it earlier. The price per page for PLR is typically around $1. (a page being over 400 words). That is the going rate in the market.

Yet, you will be involved in launching. Prices at launch can be expected to be slightly higher than normal. An exclusive discount is offered to customers for a limited time (typically between three and seven days). This usually entails charging fifty cents per page for the content to be sold.

Doesn’t that sound incredibly cheap? If you sell just 100 copies of your $17, 35-page package, you will have earned more than $48 per page. If you launch your product properly, you can expect to sell between 250 and 1,000 units.

That’s $8,500 even if you only sold 500 packs. Even if the commission rate was half, you would still have earned $4,250, or more than $121 per page. Don’t stress over the price cut, then.

Make sure there’s more information in your $27 one-time offer upgrade, like 55 pages. Suddenly, if you have a 100% commission structure and 500 sales, your entire sales funnel is worth $22,000.

On Day 9, you should choose a release date.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Launch dates are crucial for PLR products, but you should not be concerned if your competition is also promoting on that day. It’s a fact of life. Simply check a calendar service like for the day with the fewest events listed.

Give yourself enough time to finish the content and send review copies to your top affiliates so they can make a bonus for you to promote. It’s important to factor in a few extra days in case there are any hiccups along the way.

Although some may choose to begin their launches at 10 or 11 AM EST, 9 AM is optimal. You get to set the duration. In general, a response time of 3 days is acceptable, but most people aim for 5 days or less.

Day 10: Get Product Images Made or Ordered

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

There must be a picture of the finished product to be used as a representation in the marketplace and on the sales page, even if the launch itself is textual. You can hire someone on a site like Fiverr to do this, but if you want to save some money, you can also use a free program like Canva to make some eye-catching eCovers or other images to promote your offer.

Day Eleven: Reveal a Launch Insider Tip to Your List

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

After several years of success in online marketing, many entrepreneurs move on to PLR launches. It’s possible, then, that you already have a mailing list of interested parties. If you think they might be interested, let them know about your upcoming launch so they can set aside money.

Step 12: Create a Product Listing and Promotion

Private Label Rights Launch

You can create the launch listing(s) and offer(s) on Warrior Plus whenever you’re ready, even if that’s before your product is complete. If you want the affiliate link for your JV (joint venture) page, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Until the final files are ready to be uploaded, a placeholder can be placed in the upload section. On Warrior Plus, you’ll need a product listing for each product (the front end and one-time offer upgrades), and then you’ll use an offer listing to link all of those products together into a sales funnel.

Day 13: Choose to Host a Contest.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

You should consider entering a contest. It’s not required, but having affiliates help spread the word about your launch can be a good idea in some cases. You can run contests with cash prizes and ensure a fair payout by setting thresholds.

The first-place prize could be $250, but to win, 100 front-end sales would need to be made. Don’t take on more than you can reasonably afford, and always set aside a portion of your earnings for distribution.

There are two main types of sales competition: those that focus on the front end of the funnel and those that focus on the back end. Look at what other vendors are doing with their contests to get a feel for the norm, and then come up with something that you’re happy with.

On the fourteenth day: Create a Joint Venture Page and Add Launch Information

Private Label Rights Launch

The next step is to create a hub where affiliates can go to learn everything they need to know about the launch of your product. Details about the product, its release, email copy for use in promotional campaigns, and other related materials. Joint venture (JV) pages are for collaboration with affiliates.

Launch Announcements Day 15

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Get the word out about your upcoming launch on affiliate marketing hubs like Muncheye and invite affiliates who are interested in promoting it to join your JV when the page is ready.

Some PLR vendors announce new releases in Facebook groups where other vendors can share the news and gain exposure. If you have an affiliate mailing list, you can send them a link to the JV page so they can begin organizing their promotion.

Send a personalized message to your top affiliates on day 16.

Private Label Rights Launch

People who aren’t already familiar with you are less likely to actively seek out your listing or pay close attention to it. Some of the most successful affiliates will require personal contact to convince them to join your program.

Include a link to the JV page and a free review copy so they can evaluate the product’s quality before deciding whether or not to promote it to their list, and send them a personalized message or email about the launch.

17th Day: Use Social Media to Expand Affiliate Reach

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

The PLR market is particularly interested in social media. You need to make friends with the top PLR creators so that you can be added to their exclusive PLR groups, communicate with them privately, and learn about upcoming launch dates and times.

Day 18: Draft Primary Product Sales Copy

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Sales copy can be scary, but remember that your readers are desperate for help. For many, it’s a boring, time-consuming chore; for others, it’s just not in their skill set; therefore, they need your services.

The pitch for this is easy. In your sales copy, just explain what it is you’ve made, why it’s a great angle or package for these marketers, and provide specifics about what they’ll receive.

If they compare your rate to those of other freelance ghostwriters, you’ll come out on top. You can put your stamp on the text by providing some background information about yourself (but make it more about serving their needs, rather than your desire to earn money).

Update the sales copy on Day 19!

Private Label Rights Launch

In addition, you must write up some copy for your upsell. To say the least, this is unconventional. They’ve shown some level of commitment to you and your offer; now all you have to do is offer them more value in the form of improved convenience and cheaper access to a larger library of materials.

Day 20: Document the Current Product Rights Status

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

By distributing PLR, you grant the recipient the exclusive right to publish the material. In addition, you can establish rights that you expect purchasers to honor.

You’ll find a wide variety of policies from different PLR sellers if you shop around. In some cases, the creators won’t permit the content to be excerpted or posted elsewhere online. Some people won’t let it be sold or even given away for free (as a lead magnet).

You should do what works best for you, but remember that keeping things basic usually works best. In general, customers despise having to memorize a bunch of rules. You can make things simple for them by not letting them keep your name on it or distributing private label rights to works that use your content as their own.

This isn’t just plain PLR, but rather resell rights, which allow buyers to sell the private label rights and grant others the right to use the content as their own.

Cleaning Up Your Private Label Rights Material (PLR) For Better Customer Satisfaction (Day 21)

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

PLR should be flawless. Get rid of all the misspellings and grammatical errors from any text you’ve written. It needs to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and not spread falsehoods.

If you’re making a video or some other type of media file, check to see that it plays without a hitch and that the sound is undistorted and easy to understand. If editing is too much for you, consider hiring a professional.

Day 22: Compile a List of Possible Applications to Share with Potential Customers

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

You may want to provide your customers with a list of potential uses for the PLR they have purchased, either on the product page or in a separate file included with the PLR. People often make impulsive purchases when they find a particularly good deal in their particular market niche.

On the other hand, once they open the file, they have no idea what to do with it. Tell them if they can share the articles on their website, via email, or on social media. Make them aware that the text content can be used as an audio or video script, and instruct them on how to compile articles into a report to use as a lead magnet or info product.

Finalize and upload files on day 23.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

People looking to purchase PLR are typically seeking multiple iterations of the same piece of writing. Don’t just send them a Word document; give them the plain text equivalent as well. If you make an eCover in PNG format, you should also provide the JPG and PSD files, if you have them.

After ensuring that everything is perfect, zip up the file and post it on the sales platform or the server if you’re offering a download page.

Day Twenty-four: Present Someone with Something That Displays Your Skills

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

There’s a good chance that, as a new PLR vendor, you’ll want to expand into selling additional packs covering additional subject areas or mediums. To keep customers interested in your upcoming releases, you can offer them a special incentive for subscribing.

If your initial release focused on self-improvement, branch out and demonstrate your proficiency in related areas such as survival, making money online, or gardening. Or, if you sent a text the first time but want to impress with visuals next time, you could put together a gift that showcases your photo or video editing skills.

Step 25: Make an Email Autoresponder List and Link It to Your Inbox

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

You’ll need an email autoresponder account to distribute the freebie. Two separate lists are permitted here. The first will be for consumers, while the second will be for partners. Through mediums such as Warrior Plus, you can link the two of them together.

Get yourself registered with a mailing list service, such as Aweber or GetResponse. Send them a warm greeting via email, and don’t forget to throw in a little something extra. You could provide your affiliates with a report on how to use PLR as a gift so they can promote your PLR.

On the 26th day, announce the launch date to the public.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

You should be very active on launch day, sharing content across multiple platforms, emailing your list, and coordinating with affiliates. Spread the word with enthusiasm that the launch has gone live so that those who may have forgotten can get on board right away.

The Competition Update for Contestants, Day 27

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

You shouldn’t keep quiet during the launch if you’re holding a contest. You’re trying to get people excited. You can do this by updating the social media leaderboard and tagging the top scorers in your posts.

Affiliates can also be notified via email of the top-performing members of their team. Some go as far as to detail the number of sales that separate the top performers, a strategy deemed dishonest by some who fear dishonest marketers will simply use the links provided to advance their careers.

On the 28th day, become an affiliate for related products and services.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

Once you have a customer database, you can promote for competitors in addition to creating launches for your own company. Keep your eye out for the most deserving candidates. Promoting low-quality content just to make a quick buck will lose your credibility with your audience.

Get more money for all your hard work by the 29th day.

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

After your initial launch is complete, you’ll want to capitalize on your efforts and keep making money. The end of a launch doesn’t have to mean the end of your profits. You can sell the content on your website for $1 per page if you want to set up a permanent PLR shop.

After the product has been released, you can take the existing content and package it with an upgrade offer, such as five packs from your store at a 50% discount.

Day 30: Maintain Your Energy Spreading the Word about Your Upcoming Release

Release With Exclusive Rights For 30 Days

The momentum you’ve built up from your PLR releases should be maintained. Getting your feet wet in the PLR world and learning the ropes during your first launch can be exhausting. However, subsequent launches will be less difficult, so quickly announce the next one and begin preparations.

Put it on the Muncheye calendar, contact relevant niche marketers, and launch the product development process immediately. To help their affiliates plan for bonuses and promotions, many retailers maintain an annual launch calendar.

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