The Service Provider’s 30-Day Plan

The Service Provider’s 30-Day Plan

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Most people would prefer not to be in a corporate setting, where they are told what to do when to do it, and how much they will be paid.

Many people who actively seek out “work at home” opportunities aren’t aware that it’s the same debilitating situation, only from the comfort of their homes. If you’re serious about starting an online business, a more promising path is available.

In a free economy, individuals can establish themselves as service providers who meet the needs of whichever clients they choose, at whatever rate of pay they determine, and during whatever hours they see fit.

As opposed to simply looking for another job with a boss who may seem nice during the interview but eventually makes demands that cause you to sacrifice your happiness and personal satisfaction, this is a much better solution.

The 20-day business plan that follows will help you start your freelance career quickly, easily, and affordably so that you can quit your day job before you know it.

On Day One, You Should Determine If Freelancing Is For You.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Indeed, freelancing isn’t for everyone. Without a group of coworkers to share the load, you must accept that you will be responsible for all aspects of the business, including marketing, client relations, product development, and more.

If, on the other hand, the thought of being your boss excites you and you don’t mind putting in the time and effort to establish yourself as a reliable resource, this could be the perfect job for you. When a client isn’t a good fit, it’s okay to turn them down.

You have complete control over your income, though you may run into a wall when your prices exceed what your customers are willing to pay. After all, there are just 24 productive hours in a week (but we will discuss a workaround for this, too).

You can work the standard 9 to 5, or later, between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Time limits are not enforced. You can even bring your work to the park, where you and your children can spend time together. Since you no longer have coworkers to socialize with, you’ll have more time to see friends and family.

Second Day: Analyzing the Financial Viability of This Field

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

As a service provider, you can easily make six figures per year in profit. There’s no need to worry that if you go into business for yourself, you’ll be forced to live in abject poverty. However, you will need to find customers; your salary won’t automatically be deposited into your bank account every other Friday.

Freelance work can be quite lucrative, but some types of work pay more than others. Furthermore, some sites offer greater opportunities for financial gain than others. You could make more money, for instance, by writing a sales letter for a client than you would by working as a virtual assistant and scheduling blog posts for them.

However, you could potentially find more blog post ghostwriting clients than sales letter copywriting clients. For this reason, it’s important to think about the total number of job openings.

Step 3: Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

In that case, what expertise do you possess that you could potentially monetize as a freelancer? Do you have decent writing skills? Conversational content, like the kind you’re reading here, is a must for online marketers.

E-covers, banners, and advertisements are also required. You may enjoy doing things like answering customer service emails, updating blog plugins, etc. that most marketers would rather not do.

Check out freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork to see if there are any postings for work you can do for other online business owners.

Thursday is all about enhancing your abilities and opportunities.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

You might have a passion for writing or graphics, for example, but worry that your ability isn’t up to par. Your skills can be honed to perfection with such a simple tool. A lot of resources exist, like video tutorials and workbooks, to aid in development.

By observing the efforts of others, you can pick up tips on how to improve your skills. One way to stand out as an expert in a certain field, like ghostwriting for online marketers, is to learn as much as you can about that subfield.

Day 5: Register Your Company Formally

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Don’t start making money until you’ve officially established your business. A limited liability company (LLC) or a limited liability company (S Corporation) is a tax-saving business structure that can be set up for little out-of-pocket. Even if you are unable to do so at the moment, you should start saving now so that you have enough money to cover your freelancer self-employment tax bill when it comes due at the end of the year.

On the sixth day, consider how you want to be remembered.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Freelancers are responsible for building their brands. You want to establish yourself as the go-to person in your field. That could mean that you’re well-known for creating graphics for things like sales pages, electronic book covers, health guides, and more.

You might be good at being a virtual assistant for Internet marketers, taking on the boring tasks that come with a launch and helping them find affiliates.

Consider how you’d like to be remembered and build your identity around that. You’re not ruling out other employment opportunities, but you do want to claim this one.

Day 7: Preparing an Orderable Product

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Just one order for service is fantastic. What we have here is income, correct? A sales letter graphics bundle is already a great deal, but what if a customer could purchase not just one, but five? Make it possible for customers to purchase a bundle of content from you that includes the eBook, lead magnet, articles, emails, product reviews, and sales copy, rather than just the eBook itself.

If your service can fulfill all of a customer’s needs, they are more likely to make a purchase, and you will see an immediate increase in your order total. You can offer them a discount compared to buying them separately.

Eighth Day: Join a Social Network

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

There are a few ways to establish yourself as an online presence as a freelancer. Gain ownership of your social media profiles first. These could be profiles under your real name, or they could be under a business name, like “Niche Ghostwriting” or “Niche Graphics.”

Get your profiles up on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. You should control all possible brand profiles because you can never tell where your customers might be lurking online.

Day 9: Using Social Media to Locate Potential Customers and Clients

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

After creating your profiles and giving them a polished look and feel, it’s time to start networking. Get your foot in the door by providing useful advice to people who might become clients. For example, you could write an article titled “10 things to look for when hiring a virtual assistant.”

The bulk of your clientele will be internet marketing firms rather than traditional businesses. So, jump on Facebook and other social media and start connecting with people who are running businesses in specific niches.

Make friends and start chatting with them on a personal level by responding to their posts. You can then make a post about a unique service you offer, and they will be more receptive to reading about it and potentially sharing it when the time is right.

Or, you may feel confident enough in your new connections to send a direct message asking if they know of anyone who could benefit from your ghostwriting services since you now have some time available.

Building Your Website: Day 10

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

An additional platform where you should generate enterprise-related buzz is your website. You can get started for as little as $12 per year for a domain name and $10 per month for web hosting with a simple blog installation on your custom-created website.

Obtain the domain name that best reflects your company name or a relevant keyword phrase. You could have a domain name like or

When a potential customer searches for a service, if you have your website, you can optimize the content with keywords to rise to the top of the search engine results page.

If you want to attract clients, you can use SEO strategies like keyword research to create blog posts with titles like “Hire a Health Ghostwriter” and then link to a page detailing the services you offer.

11th Day: Get Hosting Before Setting Up Your Blog

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

As soon as you’ve decided on a domain name, you can move on to selecting a hosting plan with a company like Hostgator. Your cPanel will include a feature called QuickInstall, which will allow you to quickly set up a blog on your site after logging in.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles right off the bat, so go with a basic and inexpensive host for this. After the blog has been set up, you can customize its appearance by adjusting the settings in the blog’s sidebar.

Making a Competitive Price Sheet on Day 12

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

It’s important to find a balance between charging what you’re worth and staying competitive so that potential clients will take you seriously.

You shouldn’t undercut the market to the point where people perceive your services as low-quality or overpriced. Also, you don’t want to undercut yourself financially or put yourself out of the job market. As long as you’re making a living wage for the work you’re putting in for the client, market value is where you want to set your prices.

On the thirteenth day, put up a page detailing the services you offer.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

If you sell products with specific specifications (say, blog posts longer than 400 words or a certain size of banner ad), you should always have a page where interested parties can learn about these details. The page’s heading can read “Services,” and pricing info can be included or left out until after the initial client consultation.

Some things may be more challenging and costly than others. You might charge $10 per page for health-related content, but you’d want to charge more if you were also asked to write about stock trading because that topic requires significantly more research.

14th Day: Introduce Yourself to Potential Customers

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Having a dedicated “About” page allows potential customers to learn more about you. Include a photo of you or your family and a brief description to help people get to know you. Do not worry about disclosing any private information here.

It’s fine to stick to business talk; just say something like, “I have a degree in English and extensive experience researching a new topic.” One alternative is to list the software programs (such as Photoshop) that you are proficient with.

Day 15: Make It Easy for Customers to Get in Touch with You.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

All that is required to get started is a contact form on a page labeled “Contact.” Nothing says you have to give someone permission to place an order with you before sitting down for a chat first.

Install the Contact plugin, then copy the code and paste it into your Contact page before publishing. If you want to make sure the page is functioning properly, you should visit it on your site.

If someone approaches you about a job, it’s best to test the waters with a smaller project to see if you can work well together before taking on anything more substantial. Keep your schedule open for someone who would be a better fit if you get the impression that the person will be difficult to work with.

For Day 16, research potential blog post keywords and use them to increase sales.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

To attract potential employers, you can use keyword tools to research popular search terms that indicate they are in the market to hire someone like you and then base some of your blog posts on those terms. Use a phrase like “hire a ghostwriter” as a jumping-off point and see what other “long-tail” phrases can be turned into blog posts.

Hire a ghostwriter for a blog, or hire a ghostwriter for an eBook. Make some posts that address the marketer’s need for a good ghostwriter, provide some tips on what they should be looking for, and encourage the marketer to get in touch with you for a price estimate.

Starting a Blog to Help Freelancers Get Work | Day 17

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Making content that your target audience is actively seeking out online is essential if you want to rank well in search engines and attract new customers. Determine what terms, like “ghostwriter contracts,” they might use by using a keyword tool, either free or paid.

Here’s a phrase where it’d be helpful for marketers to know what kind of agreement or contract to present to a ghostwriter they’re considering hiring: You can use the term and explain to your readers in your blog post the terms of the ghostwriter contract you use when you collaborate with clients.

Organize Your Profiles on Popular Freelance Sites (Day 18)

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Clients will also find you through the use of third-party websites designed to facilitate communication between independent service providers and their target markets. There are a lot of these, and most of them offer a free basic service with paid extras like auctions and better user profiles.

Some of the most well-known online marketplaces for freelance work are Upwork and Fiverr. Sign up for those to start, and then expand if you need to.

Create a Profile That Gets Noticed (19th Day)

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Invest some time today into filling out your profile on each freelance platform so that you stand out from the crowd. You want to go beyond a simple resume.

The purpose of your profile is to convey to the client your expertise and enthusiasm for contributing to the client’s business objectives. Include them as one of your top interests in your profile.

Take Advantage of Your Investment Portfolio Today, Day 20.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

When you’re done with your profile, you can move on to the portfolio. You do need to have one established at this time. To get started as a ghostwriter, you should compile samples of your work, such as blog posts, email autoresponders, and reviews of products you’ve used.

If you’re a designer, you could provide some specific examples and templates for things like eCovers and social media headers. Make a portfolio that shows how skilled you are in several different areas, formats, and specializations. This will show clients that you can meet their needs.

Take a strategic approach to your bids today, day 21, if you want to please your customers.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Many independent service providers use standard, formulaic approaches to their bids. Many customers will be impressed if you take the time to make sure your proposal fits the needs of each project.

Read the listing thoroughly and respond with a well-thought-out offer to show that you value fulfilling the customer’s needs more than just sending a generic bid.

Finding Your Unique Selling Point (Day 22)

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

The best way to get ahead in the freelance market is to learn from the best in the business. As soon as you realize this, you can start thinking of ways to distinguish yourself as the more prudent choice.

No one may offer more than your asking price. Sometimes, it will be your ability to do scientific research or your willingness to spend a whole day coming up with a unique solution for a client.

Day 23: Hear What You Have to Say About Taking Advantage of Some Freebies

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

As most freelance sites operate based on user ratings and reviews, it can be challenging to gain a solid clientele. To put it simply, newcomers have a harder time winning bids. Free or discounted services could be offered in exchange for reviews and ratings.

Never ask for five stars just because you gave something away for free; instead, ask for honest feedback and ratings. You can also get reviews and ratings by asking a client you acquire through social media apps or your website to use a freelance site to complete the work.

Today is Day 24: A Day of Learning How to Wow Your Clients with Deliverables

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Clients have no idea if their first experience with a freelancer will be a breath of fresh air or a nightmare. They are taking a risk by hiring outside help because there are some things they cannot, or do not want to, do themselves.

Please submit only the highest-quality results. On-time and under budget is a fantastic beginning. You don’t want to put them off working with you by unexpectedly increasing prices or making them wait for deliveries.

Day 25: Offer Your Current Purchase to Your Customers as an Upsell

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

It’s great to make that first sale. However, try to negotiate an upsell or upgrade with the customer as well. Even if they don’t take you up on it the first time around (until you’ve proven yourself), once they’re happy with the work you’ve done for them, it never hurts to throw in a little extra.

This is a fantastic way to boost your income and establish yourself as the client’s preferred freelancer. When placing an order, consider potential accompaniments. If they ordered a YouTube channel header, ask if you can make graphics for their blog and other social media sites.

For Day 26, do this one thing to guarantee repeat business.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Requesting what else you can do to assist them after you’ve completed a project is good practice. If they see that you’ve saved time for them, they may rush to book with someone else in case they find out.

On the 27th day, inquire with your customers about participating in a case study.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Case studies are invaluable to demonstrate the quality of work performed. If you were commissioned to write an eBook for a client and it became a best-seller, bringing in more than $10,000, it would be worthwhile to investigate the product’s success through a case study.

Clients who would rather keep their outsourcing arrangements under wraps might be less than thrilled by the prospect of a case study. If they are willing to let you, it would be great to showcase your work on your blog and in your portfolio.

Day 28: Registration for Promotional Activities

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

Marketing veterans and aspiring business owners alike can be won over at events (virtual or physical). People go to events to make connections and find useful information, so you should go as well and hand out business cards with your URL.

Day 29: Contract Work Out But Proceed Cautiously

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

You’ll reach a point where your schedule is full and another opportunity will present itself. Avoid losing the client by outsourcing the work to a competitor who offers slightly lower rates in the hopes of keeping the business at a loss.

Take care not to hire a contractor whose ethics fall short of your own before you embark on this venture. They should be familiar with concepts like plagiarism and content theft, and you should double-check all deliverables before releasing them.

It’s Day 30, so put your freelancing skills to use in the business world.

The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan

If you’re looking to make a decent living, a six-figure salary isn’t going to get you very far if all you do is freelance service work. If you want to increase your income from your business, one option is to enter the market as a rival.

You can start making more money and eventually get to a place where you don’t need clients at all if you sell content and graphics as private label rights packages to multiple buyers or if you write and launch your info products.

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The Service Provider's 30-Day Plan