There are 27 areas where you can make money right now

There are 27 areas where you can make money right now.

Whether you are just starting as an online entrepreneur or have been trying for years without success, you need to take a step back and focus on picking a niche that will work well for you.
You need to be able to make a lot of money with the niche you choose, and you also need to be happy with it. You should choose a niche that will always be in demand and has room to grow.
Before you choose your niche, you should look at the different ways you can make money from it, such as how many and what kinds of affiliate programs are out there.
You should ask yourself if you’re interested in the topic and if there’s a lot of talk about it online in forums and on social media. Don’t be afraid of competition; it means the niche you’re thinking about is a good one.
Here are 27 ways to make money right now that you can start doing right away. You’ll find out what kinds of subtopics fit into the niche and get some tips on how to set yourself apart and grow a business with that topic.
Try not to do too many things at once. You can always add another niche to your list of things to do once the first one is making you money. When you find a niche topic that interests you, you should always think about how broad it is.
You might need to broaden your horizons or even narrow them down to a micro-niche that will make you money and let you be the online leader in that area. You can also do a mix of the two. For example, you could have one niche site with a wide range of topics and smaller microblogs with more specific ones.

#1: Self-Help


When you hear the words “self-help,” you might think of many different things. In this niche, people often use the same words for different things, but there are small differences between the two.
“Self-help” means just what it says. People try to make themselves better in many different ways. Most of the time, this is about their personal lives and not their work lives.
This is a niche that will always be important because it is always changing and growing to include more people and new ways of doing things. Unlike many other niches, this one has a target audience: people from their teens to their 80s who want to improve themselves in every way possible.
When you get into the self-help niche, most of the products you’ll be selling will be digital, but you can also sell some physical products. You will help people come up with a plan for their lives that emphasizes their happiness.
You will show them what skills they need to learn to get better at certain things. Most of the time, these people won’t be able to see their full potential. Instead, they will depend on you to get them from a dark place to a happy one.
It will be up to you to get them to act on the lessons you have taught them. These people will need help making new habits stick. That could mean that you can help them stop talking badly to themselves or that you can teach them how important it is to get enough sleep so that they are ready to face the day every morning.
The self-help niche has a lot of different affiliate programs. Some of them are generic products and courses that teach people how to do things like imagining their lives in a way that makes them happy.
Some are tied to certain brands or people, like Tony Robbins and his self-improvement programs. People who are working on self-help often use tools like journals to keep track of their progress when it comes to physical products.
You can sell journals or adult coloring books that have already been made to help people through hard times, or you can make your own and self-publish them using a print-on-demand platform like Amazon.
You can be competitive in this niche by focusing on a small group of people. For example, you might be able to offer self-help to people who are dealing with depression or who are starting over after a divorce.
You can also help people with specific problems, like improving their health habits so that their bodies are in great shape and their minds are at ease knowing that they are taking care of themselves.

#2. Exercise

The exercise niche is a very profitable one because people need both information products that teach them how to do things and the equipment they need to reach their goals.
People decide to get in better shape for many different reasons. They may have a health problem, like being overweight or having trouble moving around.
Or, they might look fine on the outside, but they want to get stronger and healthier in other ways, like their heart health. No matter why people are looking for information about exercises, you can be a niche leader and give them the help they need.
You can make money in the fitness niche in several different ways. First of all, you can sign up for and promote any number of affiliate programs. Some of these are information products from ClickBank and other places.
You can earn commissions by promoting a wide range of products on Amazon and other real-world platforms, from high-priced items like treadmills and elliptical machines to hand weights, athletic wear, and more.
They can also get virtual fitness lessons through subscription boxes and online services. You can also make your info products if you know enough about the subject and feel comfortable teaching it.
When you get into this niche, you can focus on a certain group, like people who need to lose 100 pounds or more or people over the age of 65. Your marketing can be tailored for either men or women.
You can focus on one type of exercise, like running, circuit training, HIIT, strength training, body weights, or something else. On Etsy, you can sell not only programs and equipment, but also printable goal trackers, supplements like protein powder, and other items.
You can also market to people who only want to work on a certain part of their body, like their abs, legs, or glutes. People can learn how to get a six-pack of abs from many different programs, so you can make a site that focuses on just one body part.

#3: Pets

The pet niche is a great and fun way for anyone to make money. This is a market niche that is making a lot of money. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) thinks that the pet niche will be worth more than $103 billion in 2020. To show how fast it’s growing, that’s more than $13 billion more than two years ago.
People spend a lot of money on their pets because they treat them like members of their family. What do they buy with their money? They spend money on pet care, toys, and comfort items like beds, as well as treats and food for their pets.
There are many ways to make a pet site broad or narrow. The first thing you can do to narrow down this niche is to decide what kind of pet products you want to sell. For example, dogs are the most popular choice, but you could also have a site about cats, fish, reptiles, birds, ferrets, and more.
You can also narrow down your niche by focusing on a certain breed of pet. For example, if you have a dog, you could make a site for Husky or Chihuahua owners.
You can also get more specific by focusing on a certain type of topic for pets. People often buy information products about how to train a puppy to go to the bathroom outside or how to train their dog to do agility.
There are a lot of digital, downloadable information products in the pet niche that can be bought through affiliate platforms. These are on websites like ClickBank. You can also make your information products if you know a lot about the subject and want to teach and educate your followers.
When it comes to real things, this is an area where a lot of people shop online. You can promote products like an aquarium and the supplies that go with it that are useful for their living space.
The consumer will also order pet food and treats online, as well as toys, clothes like dog coats, tools for training, fences to block off an area in the backyard for a pet to explore, grooming supplies, and more.
Many people also spend money on subscription plans for their pets, like Bark Box, or insurance for their pet’s health and well-being. You might even be able to find an affiliate program for a service like a dog walking or mobile grooming.

Health, No. 4

When it comes to the health niche, you almost have to narrow your focus in some way. If you had a large site, your content would be spread out over so many different health topics that it might be hard to rank your domain for major health issues.
People search for health information for many different reasons. Some people do it so they can feel better all around, look better, or live longer. Others are looking for a way to deal with a specific health issue, such as pain, allergies, or diabetes.
First, you need to decide what area of general health you want to write about. It could be something like pain or tiredness that doesn’t go away, or it could be a specific problem like gout, fibromyalgia, or migraines.
Once you know what kind of health problem you want to talk about, you’ll need to make a mind map or think of all the subtopics that go with that main subject.
You can decide how you want your niche to go. For example, you might want a site about how to stop diabetes in older people. You could also create a menopause website for women.
You want to talk about the signs and symptoms that will tell a person today that this may be the problem. Talk in-depth about what caused the health problem and whether or not it can be fixed or turned around.
In addition to making them aware of the health problem, you will need to walk them through the different ways to fix it. Depending on how you want to present your information, you can talk about everything from what doctors would recommend to other ways to improve your health.
You can use this niche to help people both physically and emotionally. Even if you’re not talking about a mental health issue like depression, you can still talk about the frustration, grief, sadness, or anger that comes with having a chronic physical health condition that is hard to manage or control.
People will want information from you in the form of information products and online content, but you can also sell many of the physical items they will need to deal with their health conditions.
For example, there might be a piece of exercise equipment that can help them get better at something. Or, they may need ongoing supplies, like a diabetic needs a blood glucose monitor, strips and lancets, diabetic socks, and more.
People who will follow you in this niche want you to not only understand what they are going through but also keep them up to date on the best strategies and products that can help them get better.
To do this, you will need to keep up with all the changes happening in your health niche. Whether it’s a prescription, a new product, or an interesting new strategy, you should tell your audience about it as soon as you find out about it.

#5: Finance with Debt and Credit

Finance with Debt and Credit
Not much is taught in school about how to take care of your money. Many young people get into debt and ruin their finances at a young age, which makes it hard for them to get out of it later.
If you find your financial niche, you can go a lot of different ways. Some people teach about crypto or the stock market, while others just teach people how to get out of debt and stay out of debt, as well as how to build or fix their credit.
Having good credit is a big part of being a well-rounded citizen. It doesn’t mean you have to have credit cards with money on them, but you do need to be able to get credit to book hotel rooms, rent a car or home, apply for a mortgage, and do other things.
People can get out of debt in different ways, which you can help them with as a niche leader. You will be able to sell or promote information products that teach people how to get out of debt.
Some of these will teach them how to get access to their credit reports and look for mistakes so they can be fixed. Others will show people how to pay off credit cards strategically, either by paying the highest interest rate or by using the “snowball method,” in which you pay off the smallest debt first and use the minimum payment to pay off the next debt.
You can sell or make books and trackers to help people keep track of their money so they don’t spend more than they earn. You can teach people how to make and stick to a budget.
You can even combine this niche with a “make money online” niche or a “side hustle” niche where you teach people how to make extra money that they can use to pay off their debt or buy what they need without going into debt.

#6 Cooking

The cooking niche keeps growing and is good for people of all ages, from tweens to seniors. People always buy things for cooking at home, but before you can sell them anything, you need to decide what your cooking niche site will be about.
You can write your content for this niche in different ways. For example, you might want to focus on a certain kind of cooking, like cooking with an air fryer or a crock pot.
Some people focus on a particular style of cooking, like Mediterranean, vegetarian, barbecue, French, or another popular style. You can also focus on a certain group, like cooking for kids or one or two people.
You can even choose a niche based on how much money you have. For example, many people have a certain amount of money they can spend on meals for their family each week, so your niche can teach them how to do that.
You can also just have an affiliate site where you review products that people might want to use in their cooking, like a meat thermometer or a bachelor’s.
There are also different ways to cook, like baking or cooking certain foods like cakes or cookies. You could even make a website about cooking casseroles or side dishes.
You can also combine cooking with other topics, like health. For example, you can make a whole site about cooking for diabetics, cooking to relieve inflammation and chronic pain, cooking to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, etc.
You can not only sell the things people need to cook, like gadgets, bakeware, serving platters, etc., but you can also make or sell things like cookbooks and recipe books.
Some people also make sites just for one type of food, like bread, where they teach people how to bake their bread and sell all the ingredients and machines for making bread.
You can even focus on entertaining and party cooking on your site, whether it’s for your guests or as a caterer learning to make bigger meals for a larger client gathering.

#7. Toys

The toy niche is another evergreen topic that a lot of people think is only for Christmas. But people also buy toys for things like birthdays, Easter, and just because.
The great thing about the toy niche is how many different things it can be used for. Even though it’s mostly for kids, there are still different types of people in that age group. For instance, there are toys for babies and toddlers, young kids under 12, and teens and older.
When you get into the toy niche, you will mostly be selling physical products, since you can’t sell digital information products in this niche.
You might be able to get away with selling or making an information product if you teach a parent how to use toys to help their kids learn or change their behavior.
You will need to decide how you want your toy niche to be shaped. You can promote a wide range of toys to many different types of people if you want to. But you can also divide it into different subjects.
You can make a website about toys that serve a certain purpose, like STEM toys, toys for reading, or toys that help kids learn math. Some toys teach kids how to tie their shoes or how to tell the difference between colors or shapes.
There are toys that kids can play with outside and toys that kids can play with inside. Some toys make a mess and toys that don’t make a mess. Some toys get kids moving, while others are meant for quiet, still, play.
When reviewing toys, you can either promote them to the parents who will be spending money on them for their child (or grandchild), or you can promote them to the kids, who often watch the toy review channels, and then tell their parents what they want them to buy.
Even though it’s not just a holiday niche, you could make a lot of money if you did an annual review of the best toys for Christmas for boys, girls, different age groups, different budgets, etc.

#8. Beer and Wine Homebrewing

Beer and Wine Homebrewing
Some people like to learn more about the process of home-brewing. You can be the leader in this niche and show people how to make their beer and wine. You can also sell the kits and tools they need to do it.
From bottles to bottle cappers, labels, and canning parts to the parts used to make beer, this is a profitable niche with a lot of room for growth. Some people buy brewing kits that come with everything, while others prefer to buy the parts separately.
This is a niche where they may need to buy things like labels, containers, brew mix, and other things from you regularly. So you can get a certain amount of repeat business from this group.
For wine, they often need the recipes as well as the kits, which include the wine bottles and corks, wine filter pipes for siphoning it, and more. Again, they might want to put a label on the final product.
You can talk about different kinds of beer and wine, or you can have a big site that talks about a lot of them. You can write for newbies or have a nice, well-rounded blog with strategies for everyone from newbies to experts.

#9 Skincare

Skincare is a niche topic that affects people of all ages, from teens with acne to older people who want to get rid of or lessen their wrinkles. It can also mean having scars, stretch marks, eczema, and other health problems.
On almost every social media site, there is a lot of content for people who want to learn how to treat and care for their skin in the best way. After all, this is the biggest organ in your body, and it protects you from harm by keeping the outside world out of your body.
People spend a lot of money on this niche, whether it’s for health reasons, like lowering the risk of skin cancer, or for beauty reasons, like getting rid of fine lines around the eyes or mouth.
Keep in mind that it’s not just the face that’s important. Even though many people pay attention to skin care for their faces, it’s a niche topic for the whole body. You can have a skincare site that covers everything from head to toe, or you can have one that just covers one area, like dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes or cellulite on the thighs.
You can sell or make a few information products that are about skincare routines and different skin treatments. But most of your sales will likely come from promoting products that people can touch and feel.
Not all creams, lotions, or serums fall into this category. Sometimes they are tools that can change the way the skin looks to make it look smoother. It could be a fascia muscle roller to reduce cellulite or an ice roller that glides over your skin to reduce puffiness and redness.
The great thing about this niche is that you can sell to people of all ages, from teens to older people. You can also change your site so that both men and women will like it.
Your site can even be made to fit different budgets, since there are products with drugstore prices and others that cost hundreds of dollars, like creams and serums. You can also sell kits with everything from cleansers to toners.

#10: Weight Loss

Depending on how you look at it, the weight loss niche can be either good for you or bad for the customer. People struggle with their weight their whole lives, often going on and off diets and gaining and losing weight over and over again.
They will try different diets and ways to lose weight, like fasting every other day or fasting for short periods. They might only eat vegetarian food, stay away from most carbs, or limit themselves to a certain number of calories.
Weight loss can be a niche if you focus on both diet and exercise, or it can be a niche if you just focus on diet. In this niche, you can angle your site and content in a lot of different ways.
For example, it could be a broad, general site about losing weight that has lots of tips for all kinds of plans and problems. Or, you could only talk to people who need to lose a certain amount of weight, like 50 or 100 pounds.
Your weight loss site might be for men, women, or people of a certain age, like those over 40 who want to lose weight. You might also be able to spin it if you combine it with another niche topic, like health—like weight loss for diabetics.
Weight is a niche for both making and selling products. You can promote courses that teach weight loss methods like the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet, but people also want physical items like meal prep containers, cookbooks, protein powder, supplements, etc.
Your readers want to hear about ways to lose weight, like how to lose 10 pounds in a week before a high school reunion or wedding. They also want to know how to get past problems like binge eating or being addicted to sugar.

#11: Personal Development

Personal Development
We’ve already talked about the self-help niche and how it’s mostly for people who want to make their own lives better. Personal development has less to do with improving your personal life and more to do with getting better at your job.
In this niche, you will help people improve their communication, teamwork, employability, talent, skill sets, and more. They may need more training or education to reach their full potential, or they may need to change the way they think about their careers to reach their goals.
In this niche, there aren’t many physical products to sell besides the usual journals or vision boards. You will mostly make and sell digital, downloadable information products that motivate your audience and give them a plan for how to set and reach certain goals.
This is a great niche if you want to start coaching but don’t have a degree or professional certification like a dietician or nutritionist might need to show clients.

#12, Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures
Photography and even videography are niches that can serve both beginners who want to do it as a hobby and professionals who want to or already do it as a full-time job.
Because of the equipment needed, this is a very expensive niche, but if the customer can master their skills, they can make a lot of money from it. Your photography niche site can be geared toward many different things.
If you want to, you can just have a site where you review products like cameras, backdrops, lighting, lenses, and other tools they may need.
They might want to buy a course that shows them how to take better pictures or do something strategic, like make a timelapse video, through tutorial videos or a PDF.
You can write about products that are easy for beginners to use or about more complicated products. You can also make it more useful for certain industries. For example, many real estate companies need photographers and videographers who can use drones to take pictures and videos of the places they want to list.
You might also want to teach about holiday photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography, newborn photography, landscape photography, etc. You might also be able to sell tools that photographers and videographers can use to edit and improve the photos and videos they take.

#13: Survival Homesteading

Survival Homesteading
Survival homesteading and the whole “prepper niche” are becoming more and more popular, especially considering the state of the world and the United States in particular. With inflation making it hard to pay for groceries, gas, etc., more people are turning to a survival mindset to get through what’s coming.
Survival is a great niche because it covers a wide range of specific topics. Things like storing food and water, self-defense, farming, gardening, camping, and more fall into this category.
This is another great dual-niche topic with a lot of information about products you can sell and make, as well as a lot of physical products people can buy to get ready for a survival situation.
In this niche, you’ll need to keep an ear to the ground so you know what’s coming up in the news that will make people worried and make them want to buy supplies right away.
For example, you would need to let your subscribers know if the baby formula wasn’t on the shelves or if stores ran out of common items like toilet paper. You would also need to tell them where they could find the stock.
You can teach people how to grow and can their fruits and vegetables. As part of making your informational product, we’ve included affiliate links to the tools they’ll need, from heirloom seeds to the canning kit itself.
People want to know how to do things like “bushcraft” and how much rice they should have on hand for a three-month emergency. This is a niche that is always in demand.
When you make your niche survival site, you can write about all kinds of things or focus on one thing. For instance, you could teach women how to prepare for survival or teach people how to prepare for just $20 per week.
You can focus your site on certain survival situations, like a hurricane, or something worse, like a war or civil unrest.

Coffee is No. 14.

If you look at any social media site, you’ll see that millions of people are crazy about their morning coffee. Most of them just drive through a Starbucks to get their favorite espresso or Frappuccino, but more and more people are learning how to make their delicious coffee at home.
These people who make their coffee at home are very serious about their niche interests. It’s not enough to know what kind of coffee to make or what machine to use. These people want a complete sensory experience that includes both taste and smell.
This is a niche where you can mostly sell physical products, but you can also teach people how to make the best coffee. They will want to buy many different kinds of coffee from you.
Many people buy both their coffee beans and their grinders online. They buy coffee makers, coffee cups, filters, and coffee station accessories like stirrers, creamers, and flavorings.
You can get into this niche by taking an all-encompassing approach to coffee. Or, you could talk about a certain type of method, like using a French press or making coffee cold.
People will look to you for advice on how to taste different types of coffee, such as coffee from different parts of the world. They want you to teach them about the different flavors they can expect and how to make their coffee sing to their taste buds.
Depending on which coffee farmers you buy from, there is also an ethical aspect to the coffee niche. So you can also spin it for people who care about how it affects the economy or the environment of others.

#15: Making Things

Making Things

People from all walks of life enjoy arts and crafts as a hobby and, in some cases, as a job.
In this niche, it’s better to make each site about a smaller topic. You don’t want to have so much content that it’s hard to rank well on search engine results pages.
For example, you can have a site about woodworking where you sell information products or courses about woodworking as well as the tools needed to make the art or final product, like building a shed or chicken coop.
If you have a focus, like woodworking, you can use that to make your site about just one thing, like how to build your chicken coop. People can buy different plans and styles that you sell.
You can do the same thing with things like tiny houses or by building a whole homestead house for the survival niche. You can also start a site about other arts and crafts topics.
For instance, you could teach people how to make their candles and then sell them the scents and molds they need to make them. You can even show them how to start an online business where they sell the candles they make.
Other arts and crafts niches include crochet, jewelry making, embroidery, soap making, knitting, sewing, painting, leatherworking, needlepoint, origami, scrapbooking, and more.

#16 Stress Relief

Stress Relief
There has never been more stress than there is now. People are looking for ways to relieve the stress they can do at home in a world after a pandemic where there is economic strife and chaos everywhere. They need you to show them how.
This is another topic where you can have a broad site that talks about many different ways and products to deal with stress, or you can narrow your focus. A narrow idea could be that you can get rid of stress by visualizing or meditating.
If you want to get into this profitable niche, you’ll need to sell information products that teach strategies and help people get past problems, along with digital and physical products that help people do what you tell them to do.
You might want to focus your site on a certain way to deal with stress, like aromatherapy. Your information product could teach them everything they need to know about how smells can help with stress.
Then, you could tell your audience about a wide range of aromatherapy products, such as candles and bath salts, that are already made, as well as individual ingredients that they could use to make their own.
You can also make the site for people who are going through a certain problem. One type of narrow slant is stress relief for people who take care of others. Or, you could write it for people who are just starting and pair it with a certain way to deal with stress, like yoga.

#17. Pregnancy and Raising Children

Pregnancy and Raising Children
One of the best things about the pregnancy and parenting niche is that you can help and guide your customers from the beginning of their journey until they are dealing with empty-nest syndrome.
Some niche leaders like to focus on a certain kind of pregnancy or parenting, like people who are expecting twins or who have to raise a child with ADHD or autism.
In this niche, you can teach them not only what to expect and how to handle some bad situations, but also how to enjoy the good times. This is a topic with a lot of informational and physical products.
You can even start a print-on-demand store where people can download things like baby shower games, checklists, and pregnancy announcements. The niche will meet both the needs of the baby or child and the needs of the parents.
You could pair this niche with others, like exercising while pregnant or pregnancy with diabetes. You’ll need to show them new tools and techniques, debunk myths and worries, and guide them toward a happy, healthy pregnancy and parenting.
You can start several niche sites about this topic. One can be about pregnancy or maternity, and the other can be about raising a child after a woman has given birth to or adopted one.
You will talk about things like taking care of the children bathing and feeding them—and helping them grow up healthily. You might be talking about the child’s diet or ways to get them to use the potty or stop them from wetting the bed.

#18: Style

If you go to certain social media sites and apps, you will see fashion and accessories all the time. As malls become less popular, more and more people are shopping online.
With how easy it is to send things back if they don’t fit right or aren’t what was expected, people are more likely to buy things online than they were a few years ago. This won’t be a niche for digital information products, but you can make a lot of money from the tangible commissions you bring in.
You can also make some of your designs into print-on-demand items like T-shirts that can be sold to customers and shipped from a third-party platform.
If you want to start a site about fashion and be the leader in this niche, you will usually have a target audience in mind. You might even want to promote a certain type of clothing or accessory on your domain.
For instance, your site could be all about watches for men. You can get even more specific and make the site all about luxury watches for men. You could have a domain that shows a certain kind of fashion, like business clothes for men or women.
When you think of the fashion niche, don’t just think of the clothes that people wear, but also all of the different accessories that go with them. This includes jewelry, watches, coats, shoes, purses, swimwear, and even what people wear under their clothes.
With social media, this is a great niche to use. Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are three of the best sites or apps to use in this niche. People often show off their latest “fit” (outfit) in short videos and put a link to it in their bio so that if other people buy it, they can get a commission.
You can also tailor this to a certain age group or size if you want to reach a certain group of people, like plus-size women. Or you could make your content fit a certain activity, like golfing or going on a cruise.

19: Sports and Other Things to Do

Sports and Other Things to Do
There are a lot of different sports and activities that you can do to make money online. You can not only focus on children’s sports, where the parents will buy things from your online store, but you can also focus on teens and adults who play these sports.
If you want to get into sports niches, look at the ones you know the most about to get started. Info products can be made for many sports, like golf, where people want to know how to get fit for the game, how to lower their score strategically, or even how to change their mindset to play better.
Focusing on the real things it has to offer will be best for other sports niches. In either case, your online content should be a mix of strategy and tips, as well as reviews of products that will help them get better at their game.
Outdoor activities like biking, hiking, fishing, cycling, and golf, as well as indoor activities like basketball, bowling, volleyball, hockey, and roller-skating, will be part of the sports and activities niche.

#20: Anti-Aging

Once upon a time, the anti-aging market was all about keeping older women from getting wrinkles. Now, as a preventive measure, it has grown to include young men and women as well.
It’s also not just about avoiding wrinkles anymore. Anti-aging is a broad niche that has a lot of different topics within it. This includes things like brain health, being able to move around, money, making friends, and more.
This is a niche topic with a lot of informational and physical products. People want to stop or turn back the aging process. Sometimes that means changing habits, and sometimes it means using a product that says it can turn back the clock.
You can make your site about how to stay young, or you can make it more specific by talking about anti-aging nutrition, skin care, exercise, hormone health, and other things.
Many products are made for a certain age group, like exercise programs made just for seniors or people over 40. There will always be news stories about discoveries that promise to slow down aging, so you will want to keep up with them and share them with your target audience.

#21 Electronics

Electronics are a popular niche, and the fact that they become outdated quickly is something that will work in your favor. That means people are always looking to spend money on the newest version of the product.
Whether it’s a smart TV or a smartphone, people want to know what’s coming out, what features it will have, and where they can find it if it’s expected to be in short supply.
For this niche, you probably want to focus your domain on a fairly narrow topic. For instance, your site could have reviews of gaming computers. If you were in charge of this niche, you could not only sell gaming computers, but also the headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, and chairs that go with them.
People buy things like TVs, computers, and smartphones, but they also buy things like drones, e-readers, GPS products for fishing and golf, and electronics for your car.
This won’t be a niche for information products, but the fact that people want reviews of the newest and best gadgets will help you. This usually means that you will need to be able to give hands-on product reviews, like unboxing reviews, to show off new products.

#22: Campers and RVs

Campers and RVs
RV sales have gone through the roof because of the rising cost of housing, which has priced many people out of the American dream. People are selling their houses and going on trips in RVs and campers.
Or, some people have just decided to skip normal travel by plane and drive their car to a campsite instead. It costs less and is more peaceful in a world that is often busy.
With the RV niche, this is either a vacation or a way of life, so you can meet their needs by writing about homeschooling on the road, safety, the best places to travel in one, etc.
Camping can be about anything, from how to cook on a campfire to where to go camping. With both niches, you’ll be able to sell a lot of gear, like books, backpacks, cooking tools, and much more.
You can change it to fit any group of people or place. You might have a site for people who are new to living in an RV, camping, or are women. You will want to show them how to set up their space, cook in it, keep it clean, and do other things.
There are all kinds of unique accessories that this audience will buy, like toilet paper made to be safe for RV septic tanks, and you can promote it online so they can buy it in bulk.

#23 Gaming

People are making a lot of money online by playing games. Men, women, boys, and girls of all ages play video games. They also play a wide range of games, from Minecraft, where they build villages, to games that are more like war games.
Your gaming site could be for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC gaming, or even virtual reality gaming, which is becoming more and more popular.
This is a big market for both strategy books and physical products. Some games can be downloaded, but others must be bought in physical form. Gamers like to know about things before they come out, so you can get them to buy new games before they come out.
They buy both complete gaming computers and parts to put together their own. You could sell them a graphics card, processor, case, RAM, monitors, SSD, power supply, and more.
They also like to get the best headsets, gaming chairs, keyboards, mice, virtual reality headsets, and more to make their experience better. You can promote digital and physical items, but you also have another choice.
Gamers like to watch live streams, and they often pay to subscribe to Twitch accounts. They also help people make money from their YouTube and TikTok channels.

#24: Making Money Online

Making Money Online
There may be a few physical products you can sell in the “make money online” niche, but most of it is digital information products and digital tools, like home office gear and recording equipment.
This is a topic where you need to teach strategy and give step-by-step guides. You can also make money by offering paid coaching. Your audience will need to know about business models, niches, and tasks like list building.
These people need to be pushed and encouraged to keep going when things get hard. You can make money by showing them case studies and telling them about the best products that won’t cost them money.
As for tools, your people will need domain names, hosting, video editing software like Camtasia, plugins, page builders, and more. As for slanting, you can either cover everything to do with marketing or become a provider who focuses on certain tasks, like email marketing.
Or, tailor it to a certain group, like stay-at-home moms or older people. You can even make it like a beginner’s level so that you can meet their needs from the beginning of their journey to the end.

#25: Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden
You can combine the lawn and garden niches, but it’s probably better to keep them separate, sometimes breaking them into even more sub-topics. People need advice on how to grow certain types of grass, how to landscape, and more for their lawns.
They will want to know what kinds of lawn mowers, aerators, trimmers, seeds, and fertilizer to buy. They might also need help getting their lawn ready for winter. Gardening is a bit more than just growing flowers. It can also include growing fruit and vegetables.
They’ll need books and videos on how to grow things, build a raised bed garden, grow plants with hydroponics, etc. But they also need seeds, tools, and extras for their gardens.
You can pair the topic with a group, like gardening for seniors (or kids), or you can talk about the benefits, like gardening as a way to stay alive, lose weight, or relax. It’s a useful activity that can be done in many different ways.

#26. Weddings

People usually only get married once, so the wedding niche might seem small, but there are weddings every day all over the world. People need help planning their weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and other events.
They also need help with their budgets. But they also need dresses, favors, planners, and guest books that they can hold in their hands. In this niche, you can make information products, printables that can be downloaded, and sell physical products as an affiliate or a drop shipper.
You can talk about everything about weddings, or you can focus on people on a budget, certain religious ceremonies, styles like casual or high-end, and certain times of the year or places.
Sometimes, the people you want to reach won’t even be the bride and groom. Some parts of the event will be planned by guests or people who are close to the couple.

#27: Beauty


In the beauty niche, everything is about hair and makeup. but mostly make-up. Your site could cover everything with easy, free tutorials, and you could make money from creator funds and affiliate commissions.
You could tailor your beauty website to women over 50, those with visible birthmarks, or cancer patients. You might want to focus on one aspect of beauty, like eye makeup.
Your audience will want to buy the best makeup and accessories like brushes, beauty blenders, makeup bags, organizers, cleaning supplies for the tools, makeup mirrors, and more.
This is a great niche for social media because it has a large audience, and you don’t have to look like a supermodel to tap into it. People of all ages and standards of beauty can make money by showing off their skills and giving advice to people who want it.


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