Warrior Plus Affiliate: 10 Strategies for Explosive Growth

Warrior Plus Affiliate: 10 Strategies for Explosive Growth

Warrior Plus attracts a large number of affiliate marketers that hope to sell more of their partners’ items. Make sure you get vendor approval before you start making money and before you try to grow your business to a large size.


You need to build a reputation as a reliable affiliate with a track record. You also need to carefully consider who you want to work with and how good and effective their products are.


There will be a lot of newcomers with no reputation to vouch for them. If this describes you, contacting the vendor to explain your circumstances and how you plan to promote their product can be done in a more direct and customized manner.


Your approval rate will soar as your earnings take off, and you’ll be able to keep refunds low by recommending the greatest products for a certain audience; this, in turn, will gain you special access to deals and other bonuses that will boost your earnings even further.


Here are ten proven methods any affiliate marketer may use to increase their revenue. Using a few of these tips, you may be able to make more money on Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo, and other sites.


Construct a mailing list to obtain permanent warrior benefits.


You can start collecting email addresses from interested parties even before you have a booming affiliate business so that you can market to them again and again. Affiliates who are just starting out often make this rookie error.


Even if you lose 100 subscribers, in the beginning, they could turn out to be really serious customers who end up spending a lot of money over the course of a year. List-making should begin on day one, so stop what you’re doing and get started on it today if you haven’t already.


As an affiliate, your job entails more than merely directing them to a vendor’s offer. Warming up the traffic by reviewing a product for an audience who trusts the person making the suggestion will always lead to higher conversion rates.


Make a lead magnet for your specialized subject matter that demonstrates to potential customers that you understand their problems and are willing to exclude services and information that won’t help them.


Establish your list with a service like Aweber or GetResponse, and always give something of value to your new subscribers, even if you’re promoting something from the Warrior Plus Marketplace.


Look for trends in the top-selling books.


The best way to make as much money as possible is to market things that are worth marketing. A good place to start is by analyzing the Warrior Plus Best Sellers List for any repeating themes.


The apex of a trend is usually when a lot of people are talking about a given issue, and this is when astute online businesspeople unveil their wares. If one email marketing solution works well, for instance, you might see several others on the Best Sellers list.


Possible initial offering: a program to aid with list-building and email distribution. Thereafter, a different provider could introduce an identical offering that includes one hundred sample emails. Putting an affiliate link in a video that is embedded in an email could be thought of as a third product.


Then someone else could create a launch with dozens of private label rights lead magnets and articles that could be used as autoresponders to help you get more subscribers.


When a pattern like this starts to show up in the Warrior Plus market, people pay close attention to this issue. You can write reviews for each product, or you can take advantage of this trend by writing a blog post or sending an email in which you recommend several products from the Top Sellers list.


In a post titled “5 Ways to Hit the Ground Running with Email Marketing,” for instance, you could instruct your readers on how to get the most out of this marketing strategy, including how to save time by scheduling posts in advance, how to reduce your workload with pre-written content, how to incorporate multimedia into your emails, and so on.


You might then explain each tactic or topic by linking out to a product on Warrior Plus that addresses that specific problem. You would be expected to provide a solution if one piece mentioned that half of the consumers prefer video over text and you know how to reach those people by using a video embedding provider.


In this kind of article, the people who read it may or may not do what you say. But you will be able to show them several issues and possible answers, allowing them to pick the one that works best for them.


Take advantage of the Affiliate Competition Search Tool.


If you’re an affiliate marketer using Warrior Plus, you can take advantage of the site’s great search function to find affiliate contests where you can participate and win extra money for your efforts.


If you visit this page, you can filter the results by the contest’s start and end dates, as well as by the type of contest it is. You can also search for contests by title, keyword, or vendor name.


A lot of partners don’t care if there’s a contest tied to a product launch or not. No matter the possibility of extra prize money, they will promote it as long as the product is a decent deal and a great creation for their subscribers.


But it’s not a bad idea to employ this feature when you’re developing a plan to boost your profits. As long as the other conditions are met, like the people you’re trying to sell to actually need the product you’re advertising, entering contests is a win-win situation for both you and the people you’re trying to sell to.


Contest-related offers will be displayed in a way that specifies the offer name and seller first, followed by the contest’s name, the type of contest it is, when it begins, and when it ends.


In some cases, the name of the competition itself can hint at the winning approach. If a contest is called a “mid contest,” for example, you might think it’s happening in the middle of the launch phase, when sales usually start to slow and the vendor is looking for ways to boost demand.


If you see something like this, it’s probably best to wait until the day the contest actually begins to send out your promotional email, as they may run a speed contest for the first 24 hours.


While you probably shouldn’t wait until the last two days of the launch to send out an email (you might miss out on a lot of sales if you do), you might be able to strategically dominate a contest like this by creating a bonus tailored to your buyers and announcing it in the last two days.


You wouldn’t stop the original buyers from getting the bonus. Instead, you’d use this as an extra incentive to get customers who were on the fence to finally buy.


Next, you can strategically boost your earnings by checking out the different kinds of competitions available. If, for example, you’re competing with other affiliates based on total income, you might want to focus on promoting upgrade offers to increase the number of sales you make overall.


You can also find a contest that is based on the number of customers you refer to or the revenue you create. Given that the competition is focused on how many people bought the front-end deal, you will have less opportunity to learn than an affiliate whose consumers bought the upgrades.


It’s important to remember that if the vendor allows affiliate teams, you could be competing against much larger entities that could easily beat you in a contest because they already have a list of subscribers they can use to promote their link.


Pay close attention to the start and end times of emails so that you can schedule them in a way that encourages subscribers to act quickly.


Use the release schedule to drive revenue.


You can plan ahead for your promotions and even use a launch-jacking strategy if you use the launch calendar that is already built into Warrior Plus.


This calendar shows vendors’ launch dates and times, as well as links to registration forms for affiliates. You can also observe trends in the releases of competing marketers here.


The name of the product and the company releasing it will be displayed. That way, you can start connecting with that person on social media early on and see if you can get an interview or a review copy of the product before it’s released.


Additionally, you can use this page as a blueprint for your own work. The launch calendar might help you plan ahead if you see anything a few weeks out that you believe you can build a fantastic bonus for.


Join Our Team To Market Recurring Payment Products


If you’re an affiliate marketer on Warrior Plus (or anyplace else), you can level up your earnings by filtering the various offers to find the ones that pay ongoing commissions rather than just a one-time fee.


On the affiliate offers page, where you’ll discover all of the marketplace’s listings, there’s an icon in the filter area that lets you zero in on repeating offers specifically. When you choose this option, products that only pay a commission once are filtered out, and only those that will add to your income over time are shown.


In these cases, it’s a no-brainer for customers to buy the vendors’ low-priced initial offering because the vendor stands to gain a steady stream of cash. If they enter your sales funnel at this point, you can make money from upsells, so it’s a win-win.


To a novice affiliate marketer, a modest upfront recurring fee may not seem like much, but as experience and a subscriber list expand, that small repeating payout can add up to quite a bit over time.


Construct extras to boost your commission rates.


Adding incentives to customers’ purchases is a certain way to boost your affiliate program’s revenue. Before buying a downloadable digital good, many customers now look for extra bonuses.


You may increase your sales and profits by offering attractive incentives to your affiliates. It’s unclear how large of a bonus would be necessary to close a deal.


Many affiliates either don’t bother to offer a bonus at all or offer a bonus that the product’s developer lets all affiliates use, making it unoriginal and not very impressive.


You need to either come up with a bonus idea on your own, hire a good wordsmith, or modify existing private label rights in order to stand out from the crowd of affiliate marketers.


It is important that your added value serves to supplement any areas of the original product that the seller may have neglected to fully develop. If the focus is on getting people to sign up for the list but not on keeping in touch with them, your bonus could fill that gap.


You could offer to do in-depth, over-the-shoulder case studies of the product for people who are interested in following the steps but are worried they will get stuck or have trouble.


Obtain samples for critique and perform an analysis.


Try to get your hands on a review copy of the product rather than just promoting it, as there is a significant difference between the two. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get your hands on it before it’s released to the public.


You can check the product’s quality for your target audience, discover areas where an additional bonus would be useful, and use the results to inform a case study that you can include in your promotional content or offer as a bonus to people who make a purchase after clicking on your link, all of which will increase your chances of making a sale.


Most sellers won’t give you a review sample unless you can prove with hard data that you’re an actual affiliate and not just a random customer.


Some customers have tried this over the years, and it has left a bad taste in the vendor’s mouth. Many reviewers are therefore wary whenever a new contact requests a copy.


To put them at ease and show them you won’t be engaging in spammy behavior, simply explain why you want to review and promote their product, why you think your followers or subscribers will love it, and how you want to market it.


When requesting to promote a product through Warrior Plus, you’ll be able to leave a comment. If they are interested in sending you a review copy, you can provide your email address and a note telling them where to send it.


Be sure to research a merchant’s credibility before making a purchase from them.


Those who are willing to advertise anything at all should avoid affiliate marketing. You might make a buck quickly, but it will likely be taken back by those who followed your link but were disappointed by the product.


Scaling your profits requires more than just focusing on increasing conversion rates. That’s a factor, but it’s also important to get as few refund requests and chargebacks as possible.


You’ll start to see a pattern emerge over time regarding the kinds of products that are most well received by your mailing list. This will also include details about the suppliers they value and those they believe fall short.


Just as the vendor will look at your information to decide if you should be allowed to promote their products, you should look at the information and reputation of the vendor to decide if you should be allowed to promote their products.


The first place to explore is search engines and social media to get a feel for the vendor’s general reputation. If you get an unusually high number of bad reviews, you should worry about your refund rate.


It will show up in your affiliate stats if you keep pushing things that end up getting returned, and high-quality merchants will be less likely to accept you as an associate in the future.


The vendor’s items may have been flawed, but it will look like your traffic is garbage. Even if you can prove that the visitors were properly targeted, your lack of discretion in promoting that group will hurt your reputation.


After figuring out if the vendor is trustworthy, the next step is to look at the product’s performance metrics on Warrior Plus.


Visit the Affiliate Offers page to learn the percentage of customers who ultimately made a purchase, the number of customers who converted, and the number of customers who requested a refund. There should be many purchases being made of the product, with a high conversion rate of over 20% and a low return rate of less than 5%.


Each potential vendor has a public profile on Warrior Plus. In the space labeled “USERNAME,” enter the vendor’s username found at www.warriorplus.com/member/USERNAME.


You can see the products for sale, the number of sales, the average product rating, the vendor’s overall rating, how long they have been a member, whether or not they have been active recently, and how many people they have as followers, all in one convenient place.


You may also discover if they are a featured merchant or affiliate and read about any awards they may have received. While this information probably won’t solve all of your problems, it could be useful in making decisions about promotions.


Solicit a personal transaction by contacting sellers directly.


Many vendors will make a special offer for your subscribers or followers, even if you aren’t one of their top affiliates but have shown some potential to convert.


They may offer you a discount code, a special bundle of their previous offerings, or even a whole new product that is being released exclusively to the people on their mailing list.


How many sales you’ve made, and the vendor’s willingness and ability to put something together for you, are the two most important factors here. If a launch has since passed and you still want to get a good deal for your team, you may still ask the vendor for a discount code that would give them the same rate as the launch discount.


If your business is doing well, you may want to inquire about having a discounted bundle of products put up for you. When your followers visit the page, they will see a “Friends of (Your Name)” sale that you have negotiated for them.


As you get better at affiliate marketing, talk to merchants whose products you think would sell well and ask if they would be willing to give you something special for your list.


Some will make something special just for you, or at least give you the chance to promote the product before it comes out on the market. This will give you an advantage over other affiliates and increase your earnings potential.


You can use your data to get special launch privileges by proving your dedication to the cause.


As your affiliate numbers grow and get better, you’ll be able to get more privileges, like having some sellers give discounts to your list when they buy from you. Vendors will take note of these factors, and some of them may reach out to you with an offer of bonus perks if you decide to work with them.


Affiliate programs typically outline the perks they can provide during the recruitment process, depending on whether it appears you may or may not agree to market for them. It’s possible that they’ll give you bonuses that either increase your commissions right away or help you make more contacts.


Initially, they could provide a simple increase to your commissions. This is typically presented initially and can range from 50% to 65%, and sometimes even 100%. Even if it’s not advertised, you have the option of asking if it’s doable.


In addition, they could add you to their download website. This strategic perk allows you to post a banner or link to your own landing page, where you can promote a product or make a lead magnet offer.


To grow your subscriber base and provide the reader an indication of the value you offer, you should direct them to your squeeze page, where they may download your freebie. Bonuses are something that certain suppliers will really make available for you to use.


In addition to increasing your conversion rate, offering bonuses will also make you look nice in the eyes of your subscribers. They will be grateful if you can get them extra benefits that make the offer more valuable.


To increase your affiliate marketing earnings, you should focus on two things: being in touch with your audience’s wants and requirements, and searching for the most lucrative products and services available.


Stay honest in your affiliate marketing practices, and people will start looking to you for advice. Online shoppers will like how honest you are, and they will thank you by clicking on your links to their checkout pages.


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Warrior Plus Affiliate: 10 Strategies for Explosive Growth

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